Investment Immigration Program

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment


Antigua & Barbuda Residency – The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program requires the applicant to make a substantial economic contribution to the country.

In return, investors of the Antigua Barbuda Naturalization program must follow a rigorous application process that includes thorough background checks, including the applicant’s family members, in order to be granted full citizenship.


260.000 USD

Processing Time

8 - 12 months

Dependent Individual

4 generations

Type of Investment

Buy real estate or contribute to the Government

Visa-free Travel

Visa-free access to 151 countries

Naturalization Time

8 - 12 months


Antigua and Barbuda is a Commonwealth country in the Eastern Caribbean. Antigua is 14 miles long and 11 miles wide. The lowland terrain here is very suitable for the production of crops such as tobacco, cotton, and ginger. However, the main industry here is sugarcane farming, with more than 200 years of cultivation. Today, after independence from Britain in 1981, Antigua's key industry is tourism and related service industries. The next big job creation sectors are financial services and Government Investment.

With some 365 famous beaches, turquoise water, the lush tropical island of Antigua is an inviting paradise and is considered one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world. As a result, tourism is the main economic engine driving GDP growth and generating about 60% of the island's income, with the main target markets being Canada, Europe and the United States.

The government of Antigua & Barbuda's efforts to develop a tourism industry that drives GDP growth is reflected in the US$45 million international airport expansion project, which includes three passenger jet bridges and more than twenty counters procedures, increasing service efficiency and enhancing the high-class service experience for customers. The project helps to increase the number of scheduled flights, and flights between islands. In addition, direct flights to Antigua from London, New York, Miami and Toronto are available regularly.

The currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (ECD), pegged to the USD at 2.70. Antigua is a member of the British Commonwealth, CARICOM, the Organization of American States and the United Nations, among other international organisations. Antigua passport holders are exempted from visa or visa on arrival to 151 countries, including the UK and European Schengen countries.

Saint John’s






Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy


East Caribbean Dollar


440 km2



Permanent residency for the whole family

-Antigua and Barbuda passports are exempt from entry to 151 countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the European Schengen Area.

Educational environment for children

-The country is a fascinating place to live or own a second home, with excellent air routes to North America and Europe.

Expanding international investment

- Right to invest in real estate in Antigua and Barbuda


Age Requirement
Investment Form
Choose one of the following investment forms:
-Buy real estate with a minimum value of 200,000 USD from an approved real estate project and maintain it for 5 years.
-Direct purchase of an eligible business for a minimum of $1.5 million as an individual. In addition, customers can choose to co-own a company in which each person contributes at least 400,000 USD, with a minimum total value of 5,000,000 USD.
-Contributing to the National Development Fund (NDF) with a minimum non-refundable amount of USD 100,000
-Contribution to the University of the West Indies (UWI) minimum amount of USD 150,000




Service charge

  • Service charge
  • Attorney Fees
  • Third party processing fee

Investment fee

  • Investment
  • Other costs


  • Total cost Contact


Stage 1
Collecting client information, the lawyer conducts the appraisal
Stage 2
Sign the contract, fill out the Government form
Stage 3
Submit application to the Government
Stage 4
Receive approval letter
Stage 5
Buy Government Bonds when required by the State
Stage 6
Get passport and citizenship certificate


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