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Portugal has a very favorable geographical position. This country is located at the intersection of three continents Europe, Africa, and America. Portugal is considered a top destination, a perfect choice when investors are looking for an ideal life. Portugal is known as the jewel of Europe. Moreover, this place is also rated as the country with the best quality of life in the world.

Portuguese immigration conditions

Benefits of becoming a Portuguese citizen

Portugal officially joined the European Union in 1986. Possessing Portuguese citizenship, investors become citizens with many rights. Especially the freedom of movement within the 26 Schengen countries. And also living, studying, and working anywhere in the union.

lisbon city in portugal

 The best quality of life in the world

Investors with Portuguese citizenship will live in a modern and developed economy. The Portuguese economic growth over the past few years is attracting many domestic and international investors.

Portugal is like a gateway to the vast European market. And Portuguese investment is the way to access the European market. A vibrant and potential market with 500 million consumers. As a result, investors have great opportunities to develop their businesses.

Portuguese immigration is becoming a trend in the world. Besides enjoying a perfect life, investors will enjoy full benefits like Portuguese citizens.

life quality

Educational benefits

Possessing Portuguese citizenship, investors have the opportunity to have access to a comprehensive education system. In Portugal, there are many international schools with high-quality training with advanced facilities. Education from primary to secondary school is completely free for all Portuguese permanent residents and citizens.

Universities in Lisbon and Alentejo are rated among the best in Europe. Students can optionally choose to study in English or Portuguese. After graduation, students’ degrees are recognized throughout Europe and many countries around the world.

European education

Leading health policy

Portuguese health ranked 12th in the health care system voted by the World Health Organization. Portugal is also the 10th-ranked country in terms of the proportion of women with a long life expectancy in the world, 81 years old.

Healthcare services in Portugal are really advanced and developed with a team of Portuguese medical staff with high professional qualifications. Here, registering for the national health program, insurance companies will pay citizens 60-80% of the cost of medical examination and treatment. Private hospitals in Portugal are also very developed. People can easily find their own doctor to ensure the best health.

health - portugal settlement

Social security welfare policy is among the top in the world

Immigrating to Portugal will help investors access an excellent social welfare regime. The Portuguese government has issued many policies on unemployment benefits, housing subsidies, old-age benefits, etc. for Portuguese citizens.

Especially when settling in Portugal, investors also enjoy preferential policies only for Portuguese residents. Clean living environment, good quality of life, guaranteed political security, low cost, etc., and countless other great benefits.

welfare in portugal

Conditions for participating in the Portuguese immigration program

Portuguese immigration is an opportunity for investors to have a good life. However, in order to have a perfect life in Portugal, it is necessary to meet the Portuguese immigration requirements.

In order to be able to immigrate and naturalize in Portugal, the Portuguese Government stipulates the conditions as below:

– Over 18 years old

– Have a non-European Union (EU, EEA, Switzerland) citizenship

– Have a clean judicial record before and after residing in Portugal

– Maintain a permanent green card in Portugal for at least 5 years

– Proof of financial independence or current income

– Proof of having a place to live and work in Portugal

– Residing in Portugal for a minimum of 07 days in the first year and not less than 14 days for each subsequent two-year period.

portuguese tourism

Portuguese immigration program

Currently, the Golden Visa – Portugal immigration program provides the simplest and shortest path. Program for foreign investors to obtain European residency. This program will open the door to Portuguese immigration.

Real estate investment:

– New real estate: Minimum investment of 500,000 EUR

– Real estate from 30 years old or urban regeneration areas: Minimum investment of EUR 350,000 in first-class urban areas and a minimum of EUR 280,000 in remaining areas

Invest capital in Financial Funds, at least:

– 500,000 EUR in shares of Real Estate Investment Funds or Venture Capital Funds

– EUR 250,000 on art or refurbishment, reproduction of national heritage sites

– 350,000 EUR in research activities

– 1,000,000 EUR in shares of Portuguese companies

Golden Visa is the most attractive immigration program for investors in the world. The Golden Visa – Portuguese Investment Immigration Program allows investors and their families with non-EU citizenship to receive a permanent Portuguese residence card.

Portuguese immigration conditions - passport


Immigrating to Portugal and obtaining citizenship offers plenty of benefits. Currently, the conditions of Portuguese immigration under the Golden Visa program are being well concerned. The program is considered to be the fastest way to open the gate of Portuguese citizenship.

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