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Cyprus citizenship by investment. Investing in Cyprus citizenship to get Cyprus Golden Visa – the buy 1 get 10 investment program. Let’s take a closer look at this program with Portico & Bridge. Regardless of the fact that Cyprus is just a small island country in Mediterranean, the benefits and rights enjoyed by its citizens are of great value. Let’s break down the most profitable investment program with Portico & Bridge in this post: Cyprus citizenship by investment. 

Cyprus citizenship by investment


Cyprus’ official name is The Republic of Cyprus. This European island country is situated in Mediterranean and in the ancient time, Cyprus was infamously wealthy for mines, wine, specialties as well as picturesque nature. 

Cyprus has an early history and diversified culture dating back to 10.000 years ago. This is where Mediterranean area’s oldest cultural values area exist. Therefore, in Cyprus, you would come accross various cultural zones, museums, monuments and galaries on a regular basis. As for its geographical feature, Cyprus holds the strategic location at the intersection of three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. This is also known as one of the world’s most crucial gateways for trading. Cyprus is also famous for its safety and lowest criminal rate in Europe. 

Island of Cyprus


Following are Portico & Bridge’s compilation of 10 benefits awaiting investors when investing in Cyprus citizenship:

  1. Settling and residing in Europe more easily for a three generation family

Cyprus is a member country of EU and the Schengen area. Whereby, Cyprus citizens are eligible for European citizenship, and freedom of living and working in any member country of EU. Cyprus passport is issued within a very short amount of time, just 180 days since application date. 

  1. Freedom of movement 

In the world’s index of most powerful passports, Cyprus’s is the 13th one. With this passport, you are eligible to enjoy visa exemption by 176 countries in the world. 


  1. Getting dual citizenship and passing citizenship down to future generations

Cyprus allows dual citizenship which means investors and their family membes do not have to renounce their original one when applying for Cyprus citizenship. Besides, Cyprus citizenship held by parents or grand parents can be passed down to their younger generations. Children born by Cyprus citizenship holders will be recognized as Cyprus citizens.   

  1. Allowing your children to enjoy the the UK standard education system 

The Republic of Cyprus has a developed education system which close resembles to that of the UK. Moreover, the Government covers full tuition fees for its citizens which means investors’ children will be able to enjoy tuition-free schooling.

  1. Charge free healthcare which is of European quality 

According to WHO, Cyprus has a standardized healthcare system that is equivalent to those in developed countries in terms of quality. This country provides almost 100% financial aid to the healthcare programs catering its citizens. Most of large cities in Cyprus have at least one public hospital. Meanwhile, private hospitals and clinques can be found easily in areas other than cities. The most remarkable feature of Cyprus’s healthcare system lies in its private healthcare services which are of high quality. 


  1. The outstanding economy 

Having an advantageous position, Cyprus is situated at the intersection of three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. Therefore, this country serves as the freight station of many countries in the area. As a result, Cyprus is among top5 Eurozone countries whose growth rate reached 3,9% (EU average rate is 2,5%).

Cyprus citizenship by investment

  1. Favorable treatments on tax 

Cyprus is dubbed the “tax haven” of Europe. This country is one of the countries having the least tax rate in the world on its signing the Agreement on double taxation avoidance, Entrepreneurs are able to enjoy the tax rate of 12,5 (low than that of Vietnam), and tax-free policies on property, inheritance and transfer. 

Besides, any individual residing in Cyprus less than 183 days is eligible for non-residence tax course, which means he or she will not have to pay tax regarding their foreign income. However, as for income earned within the country Cyprus, investors will be charged with income tax, excepting dividend one. 

  1. Potential real estate market 

According to Cyprus’s Department of Lands and Surveys, by September 2021, all of the real estate market segments have shown signs of recovery as opposed to the same period last year. Domestic real estate sales figure accounts for 63% which has risen 9% by September 2021 and 41% compared with the same period last year. Except for Famagusta, which registers a decrease of 7% as opposed to the same period last year, sales of other areas have increased at once. Specifically, sales in Limassol increases 21%, Larnaca’s figure is 9% and Nicosia’s is 3& and Paphos’s is 1%. Considering these figures, Cyprus’ real estate is an attractive market for investors to invest in. 

Cyprus citizenship by investment

  1. English as second official language 

Statistics indicate that English, Russian, Ukrainian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, … are the most commonly spoken languages in Cyprus. However, the most popular one is English as there is 73% Cyprus’ population speaking this language. English is also the language of instruction at Cyprus schools. At the age of 9, Cyprus’ students begin to learn English. Whereby, they are able to communicate with their family members in this language even in daily conversation. Therefore, investors will not have to worry about language barriers when residing in Cyprus. Your children will also be entitled to learning English at a charge free basis. 

  1. High living standards but low living expenses 

Cyprus is ranked the 5th best country to reside in, according to a survey conducted by Knight Frank (a prestigious real estate consultation brand). Quality of life in Cyprus always meets every strict standard. Regardless of this, cost of living in this country is not as steep which is significantly lower than that of other European countries. Such feature helps investors and their family members encounter less difficulties familiarizing themselves to the new country in terms of spending and balancing their budget. 


Cyprus is one of the very few countries providing Citizenship by investment programs. Also, the programs are designed to take the least amount time spent on application processing as well as minimize the potential risks that investors may encounter during their investment. Currently, at Portico & Bridge, we provide two Cyprus citizenship by investment programs with various budgets and method of investment for interested investors to choose from. 

  • Cyprus citizenship by investment – Fast Track 
  • Minimum investment amount: 300.000 EUR
  • Method of investment: real estate 
  • Main benefit: three generations of a family can be included in an application
  • Cyprus citizenship by investment – Category 7
  • Minimum investment amount: 100.000 EUR
  • Method of investment: real estate
  • Main benefit: two generations of a family can be included in an application

CONCLUSION – Cyprus citizenship by investment

Cyprus citizenship by investment is a thoughtful tactics that every investor should take into consideration. This program brings in greatest benefits for not only the investors themselves but also their entire family members to enjoy. Cyprus is undoubtedly one of the most idealest places to settle in. 

Portico & Bridge is a European corporation specializing in immigration and settlement consultation services. We have had over 35 years’ experience working in the field and a team of over 50 reputable experts all over the world. For further information about the program, contact us, Portico & Bridge, to receive down to detailed consultation. 

Call us at 0909.898.758

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children, We Care”.


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