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Currently, the European green card is increasingly expanding and attracting many investors. Investors not only come to countries to travel but also have a demand to settle down. Especially in developed countries like Malta and Portugal, the investment attraction is even stronger.

To be able to live and work as a worker of European countries, investors are required to have a European Green Card. Therefore, owning a European green card has become the desire of many people.

European green card

Reasons to invest for a European green card

Europe has a living environment that many investors dream of, because of its excellent quality of life. Above all, social welfare policies enjoy many incentives. Especially, Europeans have a comfortable and peaceful life.

Europe has a temperate climate with gorgeous landscapes and unique architecture. It has the most developed economy with an extremely peaceful pace of life.

Recently, many European countries have introduced immigration policies for possessing European green cards with many benefits. Since then, it has attracted great attention from many foreign investors because of the simple, fast and reasonable procedures.

European green card reasons

Benefits of European green card when investing for immigration

European green card benefits are introduced to attract and encourage foreign investors to invest capital in European countries. In return, the investor and some family members will receive a long-term residence visa in the European country. Besides, investors also have the opportunity to become an EU citizen and enjoy all the equal benefits as a citizen here.

The most special benefit of the European green card is the freedom to travel and work in any European country without any difficulty. Moreover, investors can work in the UK, Germany or the Netherlands with a Maltese passport.


In addition, European immigration programs also allow guaranteeing 3 generations in the family. Above all, there are programs that allow 4 generations like Malta to live and work here.

Possessing a European green card also allows investors to freely study and enjoy excellent education policies here. Tuition privileges such as high school and elementary school exemptions.

Health in Malta ranks 5th on the World Health System rankings voted by the WTO. In many countries in Europe, people are exempt from all medical expenses. Especially, European citizens are always cared for and treated in the best economic conditions with modern equipment.

European green card medical

Investment Immigration Program – Possessing a European Green Card

Malta is a country with an open European investment immigration policy with many practical benefits. Green card benefits also help more people become global citizens.

Normally, to get a Malta residence card, an investor must buy a real estate of 300,000 EUR  in the South Malta/Gozo area. Besides, it is possible to buy 350,000 EUR in the remaining regions and contribute 28,000 EUR to the Government. In addition, investors can rent real estate from 10,000 EUR/year in the South Malta/Gozo area. Or 12,000 EUR in the rest of the regions and contribute to the Government 58,000 EUR.

Currently, with new preferential policies, investors need to contribute 2,000 EUR to Non-Government Organization. Organizations such as charity, culture, science, art, sport or local animal welfare are registered with the Government. In addition, after 5 years, it is necessary to continue to maintain a residence address in Malta. Moreover, the investor can participate in social insurance in Malta for all members in the application. Additional fee for parents, grandparents with documents: 7,500 EUR/person.



The benefits of the European green card give investors a wonderful and comfortable life. Besides, European passports also implement many policies on the rights of investors in these countries. Above all, investors can participate in a favorable business environment with the world’s mutual largest market.

Portico & Bridge is a leading European immigration consultant, with more than 35 years of experience, and a team of more than 50 professionals worldwide. We are committed to accompanying investors throughout the investment process.

For more information about European immigration, please contact Portico & Bridge for detailed support.

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