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Get a second citizenship brings in various benefits for you to enjoy. Especially, given the uneasy experiences brought by the COVID-19 pandemic one. It has to undergo, investing in second passport turns out to be a wise decision. 

get a second citizenship

Second citizenship and its beyond-expectation benefits  

It goes as a fact that those who have dual citizenship are entitled to all the benefits and rights enjoyed by citizens of two countries. With that in mind, investing in a second passport in Europe countries has grown more popular than ever among the wealthy in Vietnam. 


  1. Get a second citizenship – seize a more powerful passport

Investing in a second citizenship amid the pandemic is the most prudent strategy for you and your tire family. For instance, once successfully obtaining the European passport, you are eligible for all those freedoms regarding movement, study, and working in any member country of major economic areas such as the Schengen area and EU. Besides, you are also entitled to priority regarding exiting countries such as America, Canada and Japan. 

Second citizenship serves as a ‘free-pass’ to over 170 countries without Visa. Whereby, your overseas trips for purposes such as study, business, or travel become much easier, more time saving and less time consuming. 

For global passport power rank index, click HERE


  1. Get a second citizenship – improve your quality of life

This is one of the key reasons for Vietnamese investors to engage in settlement by investment programs. A better life and more development opportunities are undoubtedly what they want for their entire family. 

Europe and its many advanced countries can be your most promising destinations. The average cost of living in these countries is not as high as it has always been thought to be. Of course, cost variances among countries do exist still they remain at an insignificant extent. 

With the median wage of 2.143 EUR per month, investors and their family are able to enjoy a convenient and comfortable life. Considering Europe’s average monthly cost of living, which is around 1.244 EUR per household, it can be seen as pretty cheap in comparison with that of other countries such as America, and Australia.


  1. Get a second citizenship – More career opportunities 

Thanks to the European citizens’ rights to enjoy freedom of movement, investors stand better chance to expand their business internationally. No longer being bound by boundaries, your business can go global whenever it is ready. Not only that, you can choose to seek employment in any country of the area and get employed in the country to which you are legal citizen without work permit application.  

get a second citizenship

  1. Get a second citizenship – better education for your children 

Investing in a second citizenship also means investing in your children’s education in the long run. Rather than spending thousands of dollars for your children to study abroad, investing in residence status, instead, works more effectively. Specifically, residence status not only enables you to enjoy the benefits entitled by a local citizen but also provides your children charge-free education. 

European countries are well-known for their internationally qualified education systems which go together with various favorable treatments for their citizens. Both European citizens and permanent residents are eligible to study at one of Europe’s best education institutions as well as enjoy tuition – free policy throughout their 12 school years. 


  1. Approach to world class healthcare systems

It is safe to say that your second passport works just like an advanced health insurance card. Health insurance is issued and effective in 27 member countries of EU. The EU countries aim to impose full coverage of health insurance onto every citizen living this area, especially amid the pandemic. Once becoming a legal European citizen, you are totally eligible to enjoy the advanced healthcare system and its high quality services on a free-of-charge basis. 

get a second citizenship

How to get a second citizenship?

You can get a second citizenship via investment which comes in various types and budgets. The most commonly chosen programs are Citizenship by Investment and Residence by Investment. 

Settlement by investment programs designed by countries like America, Australia and Canada include strict business conditions and management experience as part of their eligibility criteria. In addition, some programs’ investment funds reach millions of dollars which serve as enormous challenges for their interested investors. European countries take these concerns into account and whereby they develop more favorable programs which focus on real estate and government bond investment. By investing in these programs, investors not only receive their residence status but also stand better chance to considerably curtail risk taking. 

Therefore, recently there is an increasing trend among Vietnamese people who participate in settlement by investment programs in European countries. These programs provides lots of benefits while guarantees a safer investment process and after a period of permanent residence (usually 5 years), investors are eligible to apply for citizenship status. 

Table of latest settlement by investment funds in some European countries: 

Malta Portugal  Greece Cyprus  Montenegro
Investment funds At least 150.000 EUR At least 280.000 EUR 250.000 EUR At least 100.000 EUR 350.000 EUR
Method of investment RENT or PURCHASE a property PURCHASE a property PURCHASE a property RENT or PURCHASE a property PURCHASE a property
Perment residence/citizenship waiting period  4 -6 months  16 – 18 months 12 – 14 months  6 – 8 months 6 – 7 months

Why should you choose Portico & Bridge to invest with?

The growing market for immigration and settlement enables investors to have abundance of options regarding consulting service providers to choose from. However, to select the best out of these available providers is of great importance since they will be your companion for your entire journey of settling in a brand new country. 

Through many years of operations, Port & Bridge gains major foothold in the market of immigration and settlement consultation services. We have had over 35 years working in the field and have established 7 representative offices all around the world. Having weathered global recessions as well as the Covid-19 pandemic during the past two years, we continue to be a dependable service provider with a history of over 1.000 successful cases. Last October, another customer of Portico & Bridge has received Approval Letter from Residence Malta Agency. 

portico & bridge

Your settlement companions who are leading experts of immigration and settlement

Portico & Bridge is the ONLY ONE company in Vietnam having a Maltese expert. Sir Trafford Busuttil – Portico & Bridge’s CEO has been working in the field of immigration and settlement for years and is an expert in international real estate. On our assessment of your application, we would design tailor-made consultation that works to present you the most proper investment programs.

get a second citizenship

Apart from sir Trafford, we also have a team of reputable lawyers on board, including Dr. Michaela Millo. Dr. Michaela is certified by Residence Malta Agency with the AKM license whose number is AKM-MILLO-21. Regarding her experience in the field, Dr. Michaela has supported over 200 successfully cases since 2015. Dr. Michaela will be your lawyer representing you to work with the Residence Malta Agency in Malta. 

Our experienced lawyers always stay on top of all the related policies imposed by every country you wish to settle in. Whereby, they can work their best in order to accelerate the application processing time and to curtail risk rate to the lowest level. 

get a second citizenship

Conclusion – get a second citizenship

Investing in second citizenship – the ultimate way to enjoy great benefits from your two countries of residence. Investors are highly encouraged to get set with your target settlement by investment program, once become totally eligible, to stand a better chance of success and enjoy a myriad of benefits await. 

To learn more about European settlement by investment programs as well as those of other countries, contact us at Portico & Bridge right away. Our team of over 50 international experts is ready and willing to offer you our best service. 

Call us at 0909.898.758

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children We Care”.


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