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Experience life in Malta – Malta is designated the stunning island country with an enviable tranquil life. Besides, Malta has a prosperous economy which enables this country to maintain its high quality of life. Every year, Malta attracts a great number of immigrants from all around the world. This glorious island promises to bring investors unrivalled experiences. Let’s take a deep dive into what await investors in Malta with Portico & Bridge!

Life in Malta

A – Life in Malta

Anyone who has visited the country of Malta must have been very impressed by the beauty of its capital city – Valletta. Valletta’s origin dates back to the 16th century. The classic Mediterranean architecture gives this capital city a stunning look that would definitely overwhelm its every visitor. 

For those who want to discover Valletta’s top rated attractions, Malta’s Valletta City Gate is one of the city’s architectural highlights. This structure was developed by the infamous Italian architect Renzo Piano in 2014. The Parliament House is also one of his marvelous works in Malta which was constructed from 2011 and completed in 2015. Being the most modern building in Malta, the Parliament House is with no doubt the iconic symbol of this island country. Another attraction to be mentioned in this article is Valletta Contemporary where lots of domestic and international works by renowned artists are exhibited. It was at this gallery that Malta was crowned European Capital of Culture in 2018.



Malta’s cuisine is the combination of different cuisines from Mediterranean countries. You would even find the noticeable affects of Sicily, Greek, France and even England’s taste in Malta’s food. One of the iconic food specialties by Malta cuisine is rabbit and octopus stew cooked in red wine. 

Malta also has its popular cheese called Gbejna and the savory pea cakes named Pastizzi. Pastizzi is one of Malta’s most favorite and healthy snacks which is filled with ricotta cheese and mushy peas inside.


 – Life in Malta

Traditional fishing village

When it comes to Malta, there is one thing visitors are encouraged to do to make their trip complete which is trying seafood at Marsaxlokk. Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village whose stunning seaside is vividly adorned with colorful ships and crowded seafood restaurants. On every Sunday, this village holds intriguing events where you can enjoy Malta’s outdoor fish markets selling all the specialties. 

As you are strolling down the walkway alongside the harbor, there are many bars and restaurants for you to enjoy some snacks. Most of the dishes served by these restaurants are fish ones but don’t worry since pizza and breads are also available if you not a big fan of fish. All of the dishes there are reasonably priced. 

Life in Malta


Blue Lagoon Beach

Lying alongside the glorious Comino Island is Malta’s Blue Lagoon beach. The dazzling turquoise seawater surrounded by gilded sandbank makes the beach an irresistible picture. This is an ideal place to enjoy water sports such as swimming, diving or sailing. 

Another way to contemplate the unparalleled beauty of this island is to wander leisurely around it and sense the treasurable tranquility it gives. Then if you wish to admire Malta at a greater scale, you are very much encouraged to climb up the Saint Mary’s tower and enjoy the panoramic view. 

beach island

C – Life in Malta

Living Expenses

Malta is not an expensive place to live compared to other countries of Europe. The average amount for monthly expense is estimated to be 1.800 EUR – 2.000 EUR. Malta’s GDP per capita is about 25.000 EUR per year and with this amount, it is totally affordable to live comfortably in this country. 

Daily expenses in Malta are not considered steep in comparison with most of the European countries. Food prices and public transportation fares are comparatively cheap. 

Even though eating out can be sometimes seen as expensive, it is still much inexpensive than those of other European countries. However, what it charges for internet and phone service is totally reasonable. Plus, when it comes to accommodation, Malta welcomes you with a wide variety of property options to choose from while the rental price or the purchase amount is rather affordable. 

Life in Malta



Malta imposes a comparatively reasonable fare rate throughout its country. The average amount it costs per one-way ticket is about 1,5 EUR on a daily basis and 26 EUR on a monthly basis. As for taxi fares, the normal initial amount is 9 EUR and 2 EUR for the next 1 kilometer. 

There are three ways to travel around the island: bus, taxi and private hire cars. One-way bus fare is around 1,50 – 2 EUR for round-trip ticket on a daily basis and 21 EUR on a monthly basis. Regarding private hire cars, you have to pay about 39 EUR per day on its service charge and for taxi, you can book in advance via Whatsapp with an amount of 10 – 20 EUR. 




Malta by night is always vibrant with lots of clubs, bars and restaurants which can be found the most in Paceville and St Julian.  

Regarding international clubs, Malta is well-known for having some of the biggest names such as Carl Cox, Paul van Dyle and Ferry Costen.  

night life

E – Life in Malta

Spectacular straits

Stunning straits can be found everywhere in Malta. Some of the most favorite sights are: Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, Paradise Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha. Ghajn Tuffieha is a charming bay which looks like a red narrow sandbar lying far away from the overcrowded streets. The quiet and pleasantly desolate beach at the rear of the bay makes it a haven for those who is looking for relaxation. 

Gozo is a sub-island of Malta. This is the second-largest island in the series seven islands located in Mediterranean outside of the Sicily beaches. This island is home to many world’s most ancient religious buildings such as Ggantijia temple. 

Gozo island is a stunning picture with an impressive red orange sandbank. Besides, it has an extremely glorious beach for diving in the stunning bay of Ramla. The restless lines of buses along Gozo’s routes make an intriguing part of your experience travelling around this island.

Life in Malta


Malta is famous for its tranquil life. The country is never without warming sunshine and a soothing atmosphere making it a haven for anyone looking for a place of relaxation. 

The Maltese are very open and friendly. Visitors are always welcomed with great kindness and hospitability. Especially in downtowns and small towns, most of the local people there are willing to do whatever they can to offer visitors help. Moreover, unlike other countries in which visitors are often vulnerable to scams, Malta maintains a risk-free society where visitors can enjoy the trip to its fullest. 

island in malta



Malta has a highly-recognized education system which is standardized according to the UK’s criteria. The languages of instruction are Maltese and English. Malta’s university system are of large-scale and well-equipped with top-notch technology.

On a general basis, Malta maintains high quality of education and all of its state schools offer tuition-free programs. As for high education level, the tuition to be paid is comparatively affordable. Regarding private schools, there is a wide variety of options for children. And their parents to opt for which are rather cheaper than those by other European countries. 

nền giáo dục hàng đầu

CONCLUSION – Life in Malta

That is pretty much about the beautiful country of Malta and it is obvious. That it can be one of your promising destinations to reside in. This country imposes various policies with favourable treatments in terms of social welfare, healthcare. And education making your new life in this country much easier than ever. 

Portico & Bridge is a leading corporate in Europe specializing in immigration and settlement consulting services. We have had over 35 years working in the field and a team of over 50 reputable experts all around the world. For further information about Malta Permanent Residence Programme, contact us to receive down to detailed consultation. 

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