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Life in Portugal is amazing with a modern and thriving economy. Situated at the south-west point in Europe, Portugal occupies the strategic location which serves as the intersection of three continents, including: Europe, Africa and America. This surely serves as a substantial factor shaping the diversity of Portuguese culture. Besides, Portugal’s climate, environment and beneficial policies make it a perfect country which is then a wonderful land for foreign investors. 

Life in Portugal 

Life in Portugal: Pleasant summer and drizzling winter

Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe with its average temperature being around 240C. Plus, Portugal is the sixth country with the best weather and climate (by Weatherwise 2018). 

Life in Portugal is never without sunshine. In winter, it is usually mild and drizzling. This feature is more intense in areas along the sea. Portugal is undoubtedly meant to be for those who love warmth and sunlight. 

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Khí hậu BĐN

Portuguese language 

There is a large number of residents speaking English fluently in Portugal. However, basic Portuguese is of great importance for investors who wish to invest in this country. Especially for those who want to spend a lifetime period in Portugal, acquiring the Portuguese language can help you further comprehend the hospitable and sincere native Portuguese there. 

Portuguese economy – Life in Portugal 

Portugal welcomes its investors with a modern and thriving economy. The economic growth rate in Portugal is one of the crucial factors attracting investors from within and beyond the country. 

By obtaining the Portuguese citizenship status, investors seize the open door to the extensive market of Europe which is home to 500 million consumers. In such dynamic market, investors stand better chances to extend their business. 

More importantly, investors will enjoy the benefits entitled by Portuguese citizens and the ideal life in the country of Portugal. 

Cost life

Stunning nightlife 

The Portuguese coast is extensive which situates along the western border of the country. From this stunning seaside, you can enjoy the panoramic view of sunset which leaves unforgettable memories in tourists. 

Nothing could ever compare to the experience of taking a sip of cocktail while having a little chat with your friends in Portugal at night. The vibrant streets are lined with crowded bars which serve all kind of beverages that fit any budget. This is no doubt a perfect place for those who love to hang out at European typical bars.


Life in Portugal with reasonable cost of living

Portugal has the most affordable cost of living in Western Europe. Everything from housing to living key necessity is reasonably priced.

Houses in Portugal

With an average amount of 1,200 EUR per month, investors and their entire family are able to enjoy a comfortable life in Portugal’s cities. Especially, Portugal offers competitive real estate prices which enables investors to enven purchase a fully equipped apartment with an average amount of 88,000 EUR. Or investors can opt for a property in the suburban which also costs the same amount. 

Life in Portugal 

Food prices

Food prices in Portugal are very affordable as well. Both eating out and cooking at home are inexpensive. A lunch set including wine for a single serving costs 7 – 10 EUR at traditional restaurants. Dinner for two or family varies from 25 to 30 EUR. As for beverage, it usually costs you just 1 EUR for a cup of coffee which combines every aroma and taste you would expect about Portuguese coffee. 

Averagely, 150 EUR is what a family spends on food per month. Basic foods for daily consumption such as meat, fish, vegetables can be found in traditional markets and sold at very cheap prices. These kinds of foods are qualified in accordance with the European standards. Besides, products like wine or olive oil are local made so they are extremely reasonable priced. 


Key necessity and transportation costs 

Service charges for key necessity such as electricity, water or garbage take up a bill of approximately 50 EUR per month. As for calling and Internet, the service charge may vary from 30 to 50 EUR/month. 

Transportation in Portugal is very efficient. Portugal is covered with a nationwide network of various types of means of transportation. MRT fare in Lisbon is 1,5 EUR per ride and 1,3 EUR per ride in Porto. Traditional taxis or technological taxis are both available in Portugal with a reasonable service charge rate. Besides, investors can purchase an automobile for the convenience of themselves.  


Advanced education system

By obtaining Portuguese citizenship, investors are able to enjoy the thorough education system. In this country, there is a great number of international education institutions with cutting edge teaching facilities. Starting from primary school level to the high school one, students are entitled to tuition-free education program policy. This applies to both Portuguese citizens and its permanent residents. 

Portugal has some of the top universities in Europe, specifically those in Lisbon and Alentojo. Students can choose to study in English or Portuguese as they wish. Bachelor’s diplomas granted by Portuguese universities are highly recognized not only in European countries but also in other countries all over world.


Top healthcare system 

WHO ranks Portugal 12th in its world best healthcare system index. This country also the 10th country having highest women’s average life expectancy in the world, specifically 81 years old. 

Portugal’s heathcare services are modern and its medical staff is highly qualified. By registering the national health insurance, insurance holders are eligible to receive 60-80% insurance cover on their hospital bills. In addition to public hospitals, Portuguese private healthcare facilities are commonly visited as well. The locals there are offered with private doctor services to opt for. 

Life in Portugal 

Portugal’s settlement by investment programs

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is currently the fastest and easiest way to settle in this country. This program provides investors with permanant residence permit and later on, the opportunities to obtain Portugal’s citizenship. 

Investing in property:

  • New property: at least 500,000 EUR 
  • Property that was built 30 years ago or more in urban regeneration areas: at least 350,000 EUR in class – 1 urbans and at least 280,000 EUR in other areas

Investing in investment funds, with minimum amount of: 

  • 500, 000 EUR into investment funds or venture captial funds; 
  • 250,000 EUR into Portuguese cultural heritage
  • 350,000 EUR into research activities
  • 1,000,000 EUR into capital transfer into Portuguese bank

Golden Visa is one of the most favored program by investors from all over the world. Portugal’s settlement by investment via Golden Visa enables investors and their family members to continue holding their non-European citizenship while obtain the Portugal’s permanent residence pertmit. 

Life in Portugal 

CONCLUSION – Life in Portugal 

Life in Portugal is absolutely the most precious present investors could ever procure for themselves and their family. The Portugal’s Government implements policies with favorable treatments towards its immigrants. This is also a heaven of tax and social-security policies.  

Portico & Bridge is a European corporation specializing in immigration and settlement consultation services. We have had over 35 years’ experience working in the field and a team of over 50 reputable experts all over the world. For further information about the program, contact us, Portico & Bridge, to receive down to detailed consultation. 

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