Looking at Australian Settlement from an investor’s perspective

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Australia is a country in the top 10 most developed countries in the world with a huge GDP of 1.397 trillion USD (2019). The quality of life in Australia is among the best in the world, making it the most livable place in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that Australian settlement is increasingly interested and developed.

Looking at Australian Settlement from an investor's perspective

1.Attractive things about Australian Settlement

  • Education background:

The Australian education system is extremely developed with more than 1200 institutions and more than 22,000 courses offering diverse study options. The Australian education system currently ranks among the top 10 best countries in the world. Students will be equipped with useful knowledge according to quality teaching methods with the prominent motto “Maximizing creativity and independent thinking”.

Australian Settlement - Education Background

Many families believe that a good knowledge base will bring better job opportunities in the future, so settling in Australia is an effective way for their children to access an advanced education with internationally recognized degrees and preferential tuition rates for Australian permanent residents and citizens.

  • Business investment:

Becoming a permanent resident (PR) and Australian citizen will bring many advantages in business and investment to Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Traveling between Vietnam and Australia is much more convenient with the Australian PR; Moving to developed countries in the world is easier if you already have Australian citizenship. Typically, there are many businessmen who immigrate to Australia under the 188/888 visa can still continue to run businesses in Vietnam. Besides, they also expand the export route of Australian-Vietnamese goods and establish legal businesses in Australia.

  • Living environment and culture

Australia has good health and social security policies, a milder climate and is less harsh than Canada. Compared to the US, Australia is also a safer country because gun ownership is strictly controlled in the states.

2. Australian settlement programs

Australian settlement programs

From 1 July 2021, the business and immigration programs in Australia will be simplified from 9 to 4 types of visas. In particular, the 188 visa types continue to receive applications. Visa 188 program has 3 investment forms, including:

  • Business Innovation Program – Visa 188A
  • Investment Program – Visa 188B
  • Significant Investor Program – Visa 188C

The Australian Department of Immigration has started to apply new policies for the Australian Visa 188 Settlement program. From July 1, 2021, the settlement policies and conditions have changed, specifically as follows:

Visa 188A – Creative Entrepreneur Program 

Visa 188A is for investors with business ability. Entrepreneurs who want to establish and develop a business in Australia will be suitable for this program.

  Before 01 July 2021 After 01 July 2021
Temporary residence visa duration 4 years and 3 months 5 years
Revenue of the company (2 out of the last 4 years) 500.000 AUD/year 750.000 AUD/year
Total assets and equity in the business

(At the time of visa application)

800.000 AUD 1.25 million AUD

Visa 188B – Investment program

After July 1, 2021, the committed investment is AUD 2.5 million. Subclass 188B investments must be legally purchased and be transferable to Australia within 2 years of the visa being granted. Those investments include:

– At least AUD 500,000 in venture capital/private equity fund

– At least AUD 750,000 in approved management funds (this fund invests in growing businesses)

– At least AUD 1.25 million is invested in bonds, stocks,…

Visa 188C – Key Investment program 

  Before 01 July 2021 After 01 July 2021
Temporary residence visa duration 4 years and 3 months 5 years

(Can be extended visa 188C 2 times, each time for 2 years, extending the duration of visa 188C to 9 years)

The investment level in Visa 188C remains the same at 5 million AUD. However, the proportion of capital invested in projects will change compared to before.

– Venture capital/private equity funds increased to 20% (AUD 1 million) instead of 10% (AUD 500,000) as before

– Investment capital in growing businesses remains at 30% (AUD 1.5 million)

– 50% (2.5 million AUD) of the remaining investment capital will be invested in stocks, bonds,…

3. Program Procedures and Requirements

Step 1: Preliminary assessment of the applicant’s profile

The first step is to conduct an overview of the applicant’s profile for the program. This step includes a review of the applicant’s personal background, experience, qualifications, English language ability and net worth, as well as details of the applicant’s business investments to determine whether the application the applicant meet the requirements of the program? In what form of investment?

Step 2: Cover Letter

After a preliminary assessment of the applicant’s application and determination that the applicant is eligible for the program, the applicant will be required to prepare and submit a Cover Letter. At this point, the applicant will have to identify the Australian immigration program that they want to join, and select the state or territory in Australia to which they want to be nominated.

Although the applicant will not need to provide documentation at this step, proof must still be provided that the information stated in the Cover Letter is true at the time the applicant is invited to apply visa application

Step 3: Get State/Territory Nomination

Once the Cover Letter is sent, the government of the state/territory you have selected will conduct a review and decide if the applicant meets the requirements set forth for nomination.

If the applicant meets the requirements, the state/territory government will nominate the applicant to the Australian Department of Immigration.

Step 4: Apply for Visa

After receiving the nomination of the state/territory, the Australian Department of Immigration will send an invitation to submit a complete application to the applicant. We will assist the applicant to apply for a visa within the appropriate period of time along with documents and records to support the content stated in the Cover Letter

Step 5: Make the investment

Once the Australian Department of Immigration is ready to accept your visa application, you will be invited to make an investment in Australia. At that time, the applicant must make the investment according to the application submitted to the government in the state/territory that sponsored the applicant. In addition, the applicant must maintain the investment for at least 4 years.

Once the investment has been made and the applicant’s visa application has been approved, the applicant will be granted a conditional visa (Visa 188). This visa is valid for up to 4 years and 3 months.

Step 6: Visa 188 is issued

Once the assessment is over and the Australian Department of Immigration has approved your application, you will be granted a subclass 188 visa.

Note: During the application process, the Australian Department of Immigration may request an interview if necessary, but this is not common.

4. Conclusion

 With many advantages in terms of economy, culture, education, Australia deserves to be one of the most livable countries in the world. Australian settlement is a good opportunity for investors to give their children a brighter future than ever

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