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Malta country can be considered as one of the small and beautiful countries in Europe. It has plenty of special cities and villages to explore. Located south of Sicily, Malta has been inhabited for over 7,000 years. Historic landmarks like centuries-old temples and towering ancient structures. On top of that, this island nation also has wonderful destinations scattered throughout the island.

Malta country

Malta has nice and pleasant weather all year round. This place is especially famous for its pristine beaches and secret coves. Despite its rich history, Malta is not stuck in the past. Many towns have modern art galleries and creative dining experiences. It is those highlights that make the beautiful country worth exploring.

Nadur – The Pearl Island of Malta

Nadur is the 2nd largest city on the Maltese island of Gozo. Boats sail between Malta and Gozo from Port Mgarr, about 5km south of Nadur. During the warm, sunny months, the area comes alive with citrus trees, providing a lush ambiance to Malta. The most prominent landmark to explore is the Nadur Parish Church. This is a very popular baroque church and was built in 1760.

Nadur is located near Gozo’s beaches such as Ramla and San Blas. There is also Daħlet Qorrot, a bay with brilliant turquoise waters. Great views can be enjoyed by the countryside surrounding the 17th-century Sopu Tower.

nardur - Malta country

Valletta – The bustling capital

As a capital city, Valletta offers us incredible experiences. Surrounded by grand structures, the 16th-century city looms over the horizon.

The Valletta Gate is a striking highlight. The building was redesigned by the renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano in 2014. He also redeveloped the Parliament Building, Valletta’s most unique modern structure. Another must-visit is Valletta Contemporary, which presents a series of special exhibitions by renowned national and international artists. And that is the reason why Valletta was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2018.

valletta - Malta country

Mdina – Medieval Street Maze

Perched on a high hillside, Mdina offers sweeping views of the Maltese countryside. With more than 4,000 years of history, the city is surrounded by ancient walls. Besides, the magical street maze here is filled with historical architecture.

Mdina is also known as the ‘Quiet City’ because no cars are allowed inside the city walls. That makes Mdina a peaceful destination to visit. Wandering through the 18th-century structure to enter the town, named Mdina Gate, we will be greeted by many fascinating places to explore. Like Saint Paul’s Church displays preserved wonderful frescoes. While the Palazzo False is home to an outstanding collection of medieval artifacts.


Sliema – Malta’s trading destination

Sliema used to be a quiet fishing town. Now, the city has transformed into one of Malta’s most popular holiday destinations over the past 50 years. Luxury restaurants and cafes scatter the waterfront where food lovers can sample local dishes with British, Italian and North African flavors.

Sliema is considered the fashion capital of Malta and is being a favorite destination for those who love shopping. We can find a wide range of retail stores, from large department stores to designers spread out along Manoel Dimech Street. Going to the beach, swimming in the morning before soaking up the charming atmosphere of Sliema, is completely a wonderful experience.


St. Julian’s (San Giljan) – Enjoying cuisine and walking by the harbor

St Julian’s (San Giljan) is a prominent seaside city just north of Sliema. This place called Balluta has a beautiful bay, which is a great place to start a new day. There are many restaurants and cafes along the promenade where you can dine. In addition, you will also encounter the Carmelite Church, a neo-gothic structure overlooking the sea.

The Portomaso Tower soars above the city, offering panoramic views that stretch across Malta. To be able to enjoy the coastal views, we can take a stroll along the path back to the bay to Sliema.

Malta country

Mellieha – Endless Summer Malta country

Mellieha is a picturesque summer spot in Malta, located on the north coast of the country. Everyone here can experience the entire Maltese countryside. This popular resort city also has plenty of beautiful beaches, including Mellieħa Bay – Malta’s longest stretch of sand.

Besides, Mellieha has many more wonderful things. The Tower of St. Agatha, which was built in 1649, gives us great views of the Gozo and Mosta islands. The Coral Lagoon offers us a place for spectacular diving, while Armier Bay is a quiet and low-traffic coastal retreat.

Mellieha Malta country

Victoria (RABAT) – Historic Landmark

Victoria (Rabat) is the largest town on Gozo, filled with rich historical and cultural landmarks. With structures dating back to the Bronze Age, Il-Kastell’s beautiful city walls allow a panoramic view of the city and many handicraft shops below.

Located about 3km from Victoria, Ggantija Temple is an ancient monument considered by many to be one of its most important archaeological sites. Alternatively, a fine dining experience can be found at Ta’ Mena Estate, which features rolling hills covered with grapes and fruit trees. Through food and wine tasting, you will also gain a deeper understanding of Gozitan agriculture and cuisine.


Marsaxlokk – Cultural Market Malta country

Marsaxlokk is a charming fishing village on the southeastern coast of Malta. It is famous for the colorful fishing boats, known as Luzzu, lined up along the coast. Marsaxlokk has bustling open-air markets that attract a lot of Maltese residents on Sundays. Meanwhile, Marsaxlokk’s fish restaurants are often rated as the best on the island.

Marsaxlokk’s population may be only around 4.000, but there are plenty of highlights for visitors. The Parish Church of Marsaxlokk, in the main square, was built in 1897 and dedicated to the Madonna of Pompeii. The food station and bars along the harborside promenade are perfect spots for cold drinks and watching the fishermen go out to sea.

Malta country

Dingli – The Roof of Malta

Located along the West Coast, Dingli is one of Malta’s most serene cities. This city is marked as the highest point of the country due to the location on a plateau about 250m above sea level. As it is located close to the sea, Dingli is famous for its striking cliffs, providing beautiful and peaceful coastal scenery.

Back in the city, Buskett Gardens offers a great picnic spot hidden among the pines and oranges. There is also Verdala Palace, which was built in 1586 and now the summer residence of the President of Malta. The Palace is usually open for tours so investors are warmly welcome to visit inside.


Gharghur – A Quiet Place Malta country

is one of the smallest cities in Malta. Still, it’s a great choice of destination away from the bustle in the summer, as you’ll get a great experience of Maltese everyday life. Gharghur also has beautiful views that stretch across the entire island thanks to being one of the highest points on the archipelago

The city center has a number of structures worth visiting, including the early 19th-century Lieutenant’s Palace and the Old Bakery, which offers insight into its Arab history. When you get lost in the narrow streets, you are sure to come across some amazing cafes and restaurants. Gharghur is a wonderful getaway away fro

m the busy towns of Malta.



CONCLUSION – Malta country

Malta is an attractive and ideal immigration destination for investors. This place possesses great advantages and many choices for quality of life. In addition, Malta also implements many preferential policies on social security as well as healthcare and education.

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