Opportunity to own European citizenship – which country is the easiest to settle?

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Which country is the easiest to settle down when Europe reopens after a period of “closed-door” because of the epidemic?

Europe was once the hottest epidemic center in the world. However, thanks to extremely good vaccination strategies, Europe is gradually reviving. A series of countries in Europe one after another announced the reopening of borders. When Europe reopens, it is also an opportunity for investors to own European citizenship for the whole family.

Immigrate to Europe – Which country is the easiest to settle?
Immigrate to Europe – Which country is the easiest to settle?

Which country is the easiest to settle and the benefits of possessing European citizenship?

Europe is a place that always prioritizes and puts the interests of its citizens first. As European citizens, investors and their families will enjoy excellent social security policies and special benefits exclusive to EU citizens.

Freedom to move and work in Europe

Most of the European countries belong to the major economic blocs such as Schengen Area and the EU. Up to now, there are 26 European countries that have signed the Schengen agreement. Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) recorded the number of members up to 27 countries.

When becoming a European permanent resident, it means that investors will have the opportunity to enter the countries of the same bloc, as well as have priority to exit in the US, Canada and Japan.

Member States in Europe
Member States in Europe

The leading economy

Europe is one of the leading economic and financial centers in the world. Countries in Europe have a developed economies. Upon becoming a European citizen, investors are free to work in any country that is a member of Europe. Here, the source of income is very stable, ensuring the investor as well as the family has the fullest and most comfortable life.

For business people, this is also a good opportunity to expand international trade. The government is very supportive and offer many incentives with favorable regimes and policies for business.

The European Economy
The European Economy

The best living environment

The quality of life in Europe is always at a high level. Citizens enjoy a very good social security regime. In Europe, the European health insurance card is issued and valid in all 28 EU member states. This helps to ensure the health and safety of the European public that always being treated in the best conditions.

European health system
European health system

Besides, the education system in Europe is highly appreciated and recognized globally. The learning environment and the curricula here are taken as a benchmark for other countries in the world. European citizens will be sponsored by the Government for 12 years of study as well as enjoy extremely preferential university tuition fees.

European standard education system
European standard education system

Which country is the easiest to settle in – Potential European settlement programs

European citizenship is always a desire of many families and investors. European countries are also ready to create opportunities for citizens of other countries to settle and work here. European settlement programs are considered extremely potential today:

  • Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP)

The Malta Permanent Residence Program is quite suitable for the current Investor’s criteria. The program allows the whole family of 4 generations to come with a Maltese residence permit. From just 150,000 EUR to invest in real estate in Malta, investors can both own real estate here and have the opportunity to get a European immigration ticket for the whole family.

In particular, investors only start investing after the application has been approved. This absolutely ensures the interests of investors.

which country is the easiest to settle - malta

Furthermore, at Portico & Bridge, we have direct support from Dr. Michaela Millo – AKM licensed attorney of Malta immigration. Her AKM license number is AKM-MILLO-21. She is a Maltese Doctor of Laws with many years of experience in the field of Legal advice on Immigration Investment programs in Malta. She has supported more than 200 Vietnamese and Chinese investors to successfully settle in Malta since 2015 until now.

All official information of the Government of Malta about the Malta Permanent Residence Program 2021, investors can see HERE.

Dr. Michaela Millo

  • Portuguese Immigrant Investor Program – Golden Visa

The Portuguese Immigrant Investor Program (Golden Visa) allows investors and families with non-EU citizenship to receive a permanent residence card, through two investment forms. Investors can invest in real estate or invest in financial funds. This is the program that provides the simplest and shortest way to join the European settlement.

To learn more about the cost of living in Portugal, investors can see HERE.


  • Latvian Immigrant Investor Program

Latvia is the country with the lowest investment immigration program in Europe. The conditions for settling in Latvia are simple and the application process is also quite clear and fast. The Latvian immigration program is very diverse with four forms of investment participation. Applicants will be able to choose the form of investment that suits their wishes. This country also does not require applicants to live here to maintain a temporary residence card.

which country is the easiest to settle - Latvia

Settle in Europe with Portico & Bridge

Portico & Bridge is proud to be a leading European investment and settlement solution provider, from Malta with more than 35 years of industry experience and 7 representative offices worldwide including Malta, Portugal Nha, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Cyprus, Montenegro.

With a team of more than 50 reputable experts worldwide, we are ready to accompany investors on the path of starting a new life in Europe. With its experience, Portico & Bridge has helped more than 1000 clients succeed in settlement programs around the world with an approval rate of 100%.

Portico & Bridge
Portico & Bridge


For more information about immigration programs in Europe, please contact us at Portico & Bridge. We are happy to assist you. Call us now at 0909.898.758

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children We Care”.


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