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Real estate investment. International real estate investing is currently leading the trend among the Vietnamese businessman community. International real estate investing is not just a profitable business opportunity but a chance for investors to obtain second citizenship legally.  

Real estate investment

Benefits of investing in real estate overseas 

Nowadays, the “globalization of real estate” has brought myriad of attractive opportunities for investors to expand their business globally. As overseas business can be extremely beneficial for its investors in many aspects. It is understandable that international real estate market is getting hotter and hotter every day. 

Asset diversification and protection

In the modern economy where everything tends to progress in an unpredictable pattern. It has never been an easy task to stay in control over the dynamicity of the modern economy. Therefore, it is a common practice by investors to divide their asset into multiple ones and allocate them in various countries. One of the most promising strategies to protect assets is to purchase real estate overseas. To invest in this way, investors are able to avoid troubles regarding politic. And economic instability that might take place in their home country. 

Particularly, issues such as currency devaluation, commercial war, and political changes might be of constant concerns for investors. Therefore, continuously switching to safer and more stable markets works just like an insurance strategy against these potential risks. Besides, to diversify their business globally also brings investors new resources and opportunities. 


Investing in international real estate brings in more chances of profitability

This is one of the most common reasons making people investing in real estate overseas. Currently, fast growing markets in some countries such as Portugal and Malta promise to bring their investors wonderful opportunities to amass their assets. 

As for Malta, this country has currently been extremely well-known for its ‘enviable’ growth stability. With the world’s fastest growing pace of 17% (in 2018) and the average rental interests of 6-7% per year. Malta is undoubtedly one of the most promising options for investors from all around the world. 

Therefore, investors choosing Malta for their real estate investment will be able to enjoy ample opportunities from having a super profitable business. 

Real estate investment

Tax policies with favorable treatments

Tax policy varies from nation to nation and of course, with a proper investment strategy, investors are able to save a large amount of money which is supposed to be spent on tax. 

For example, in Malta, investors are under no obligation to pay tax regarding real estate and inheritance. The local government also provides tax exemption on money from foreign sources, even when permanent residents transfer their foreign money into their bank account in Malta. For example, should investors wish to transfer their interests from real estate activities overseas into their bank account in Malta, they will be charged no money on such amount for tax. This is an extremely attractive policy that helps investors save a considerable amount thanks to tax exemption. 


Foreign real estate investment – opportunity to second citizenship 

By owning real estate overseas, investors are provided with valuable opportunities. For instance, what you will typically receive from a country when investing in their real estate market is to receive their immigration opportunity. Therefore, for investors who wish to settle in European countries such as Portugal, Greece and Malta, this form of settlement by investing in real estate is very well sought after. 

By obtaining a permanent residence, investors are able to enjoy all the benefits that European citizens are entitled to such as those regarding healthcare, education, business, and free movement. 

Learn more about benefits of dual citizenship HERE

Real estate investment

Receiving European citizen status via real estate investment 

Settlement by investment serves as one of the easiest and safest ways to obtain European settlement Visa for your whole family. Following are top popular European settlement by real estate investment programs: 

Malta Permanent Residence Programme – Settlement program for your 4 generation family 

Malta Permanent Residence Programme is the only program in Europe that allows an application to include members of four generations in a family. Applicant’s grandparents, applicant’s parents, applicant, and applicant’s children (must be single and no age limit). This is a perfect chance for investor to both own property in Malta as well as obtain the free-pass to European settlement for their whole family. 

With an investment amount of 300.000 EUR at minimum for purchase or 10.000 EUR for rental purpose, investors are financially qualified for the MPRP application. More importantly, it is not until your application is approved that your investment can be generated. Therefore, it gives investors sense of absolute safety when spending such a large amount of money on investing. 

Learn more about MPRP, click HERE

For official information about MPRP 2021 by Malta Government, click HERE


Portugal’s Golden Visa Program 

Golden Visa program enables applicants to obtain a country’s permanent residence permit as they invest in its real estate market. This program has been increasingly attracting the attention of Vietnamese families. 

This is one of the most popular options made by investors. Who wish to obtain permanent residence card and European citizenship status. Accordingly, by investing an amount of 350.000 EUR into Portugal’s real estate, investors. And their family members are qualified to receive permanent residence cards after a period of 4 – 6 months. This card enables both applicants and their family members to enjoy the freedom of living. And working in Portugal and are entitled to visa exemption to all of the member countries of the Schengen area. 

Portugal Real estate investment 

Montenegro’s settlement by investment program 

This is the latest program by the Montenegro Government. All it takes is an amount of 250.000 EUR at minimum to obtain Montenegro’s citizenship status. Investors and their family members will be able to enjoy special benefits for EU citizens once choosing to apply for the real estate investment program in the country of Montenegro. 

Besides, by obtaining Montenegro’s citizenship status, investors stand a better chance to apply for the Visa E-2 by the United States. As Montenegro has signed the Treaty E-2 with this country. Investors with Montenegro passports in their hand will be able to enjoy attractive benefits entitled. By citizens of these member nations with easier visa application to America. 


Safe Europe settlement by investment with Portico & Bridge 

Portico & Bridge is confident in being your most rightful decision as a service provider you choose to help you out on your settlement journey. Our professional and experienced consulting team has been working in this field for over 35 years and thus. Have gained profound insights into the international real estate market. On our assessment of your application, we design tailor-made consultation that works to offer investors the most proper program which is totally charge free. 

Portico & Bridge

Portico & Bridge is proud to be guided by Sir Trafford Busuttil, an expert of international real estate with over 35 years of experience. Additionally, we have Dr. Michaela Millo on board – an attorney certified with the AKM license by the Residence Malta Agency. Her license number is AKM-MILLO-21. Dr. Michaela has many years being an expert in providing legal advice regarding settlement programs. Portico & Bridge is pleased to successfully sustain our successful application rate of 100% from our beginning till now. 

Besides, Portico & Bridge has an extensive network including reputable partners worldwide. We commit to bringing our customers real estate investment programs that are safe, high quality and profitable. 

Dr. Michaela Millo


If you wish to learn more about potential real estate investment projects in Europe, contact us at 0909.898.758.We are ready and willing to offer you our best service. 

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children We Care”.


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