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At the end of July, Portico & Bridge held a webinar about the Malta Immigration program. The webinar shared with investors the latest information about the program as well as helped investors answer all questions about settling in Malta.

This article summarizes 8 frequent questions from investors when participating in the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)

Malta Immigration Program

1. Why does the Malta Immigration Program attract many investors around the world?

Currently, with the progress of the economy, Malta has been appealing to the attention of many investors around the world. In addition, permanent residents of Malta also enjoy the best benefits, only available to EU citizens:

  • Visa-free access to more than 180 countries including USA, EU and Canada;
  • The British-standard education system is completely free;
  • The most advanced and best healthcare system ranked 5th on the World Health System table published by WHO. All Maltese citizens with a European health insurance card will receive free treatment in Government-funded hospitals and clinics for the duration of their stay;
  • The income level in Malta is quite high. GDP per capita in Malta is about $48,000;

Freedom to live and work in Malta

Besides, the Malta Permanent Residence Programme is currently quite suitable for the criteria of investors. Applications are reviewed quickly from 4-6 months. Investors can choose to participate in one of two investment forms: buying or renting real estate. In particular, investors only start investing after the application has been approved, so it is absolutely safe for investors’ interests.

The official information of the Government of Malta about the Malta Permanent Residence Programme 2021, investors can see HERE.

2. How long does it take to make a Malta immigration application and will the progress be slow due to the impact of the pandemic?

Mr. Charles Mizzi – CEO of the Maltese government agency in the webinar confirmed that there will be no delay in the application process. Even in this Covid time, applications can be expedited in the review process. If the application is fully prepared, the review time is even faster, maybe in 4 months, it can be completed.

In addition, some European countries have now announced the reopening of borders. Specifically, Malta is the country that has eased the restrictions as early as April 2021. The Malta Permanent Residence Programme continues to be promoted by the Government.

3. Is the success rate of the Malta immigration program high and what is the percentage?

The success rate depends a lot on the lawyer who helps the investor to prepare the dossier as well as the company representing the investor. Mr. Charles has confirmed that if the application is carefully prepared, the success rate of the program is 100%.

In particular, at Portico & Bridge, we have direct support from Dr. Michaela Millo – an AKM licensed lawyer of the Malta Immigration Authority. Her AKM license number is AKM-MILLO-21. She is a Maltese Doctor of Law with many years of experience in the field of legal advice on Malta Investment 

Immigration programs. She has supported more than 200 Vietnamese and Chinese investors to successfully settle in Malta since 2015 until now.

4. What are the common reasons for a rejected application and how can it be avoided?

The program has clearly listed the risks of being rejected. Investors can contact a lawyer or an immigration company for more detailed advice. However, during the review process, the highest probability of application rejection is when the applicant has a previous criminal history that has been hidden in the application. If this is found out during the due diligence process, the application will be rejected.

5. Immigration documents in European countries must be authenticated at the Consulate or certified by the notary of that country. So what about the Malta immigration program?

Malta immigration application includes 2 steps:

– The applicant must obtain the notarized portion. This program accepts applicants to sign in front of a notary in Vietnam.

– After that, the applicant must consular legalize the dossier. There is no Malta Embassy in Vietnam, but there is the Malta Embassy in Beijing, Portico & Bridge will help you send your documents to Beijing for consular legalization and then submit them to the immigration department on your behalf.

6. The applicant initially rents real estate in Malta, then wants to switch to buying real estate, is it possible?

This is the strength of Portico & Bridge company because the CEO – Mr. Trafford Busuttil is an experienced real estate professional as well as having a law office in Malta. We are ready to advise investors on choosing the right and profitable real estate level as well as the application process to continue on the transfer of the rental and purchase of the property.

However, Portico & Bridge advises that, if you have a decision to buy real estate, you should choose that right after receiving the letter of approval. Because in principle, if you buy it from the beginning, the government donation (EUR 28,000) will be lower than the amount you have to pay when renting the property (EUR 58,000).

Real estate in Malta

7. After receiving the permanent residence card, how long must the applicant stay in Malta to maintain the card?

Republic of Malta

With a Malta residence card, investors only need to visit Malta once to get fingerprints as well as receive a permanent residence card. Malta does not have a residency requirement while maintaining a permanent resident card. Investors have the full right to decide about the residency.

Spouses and children can continue to live and work in Malta while the applicant stays in Vietnam to continue doing business.

8. Can I become a European citizen if I live in Malta?

Life in Malta

Malta has officially become a member of the European Union since 2004. Therefore, Maltese citizens are automatically also European citizens. This allows applicants and their families to live, study and work anywhere in Europe.


Portico & Bridge will be your reliable companion on the way to starting a new life in Europe. In addition to the Malta immigration program, Portico & Bridge is also a prestigious immigration consultant with a number of other programs such as the Portuguese Immigration Program (Golden Visa), the Latvian Immigrant Investor Program and the Turkish Investment Immigration Program.

For more information about other immigration programs in Europe, please contact Portico & Bridge for detailed support.

Call us now at 0909.898.758

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children, We Care”.


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