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Property search criteria set includes: location, price, owner’s credibility, etc. Among the extensive real estate market where there are millions of for sale properties, how to pick out the best one is the subject of concern for many people. 

Property search

Tips for a successful real estate property search 

Purchasing a property can be the biggest investment of your life, and thus, even small mistake can be costly. With that in mind, tactics needed to successfully fulfill a real estate business is of utmost importance. So, first and foremost, what are the primary criteria that prospect property buyers need to take into consideration? 

  • Location

US former president Donald Trump, in his talking about real estate, once said:For a real estate project, the most important thing is location – location – location” When choosing a real estate project, investors should not overlook features regarding region link, transportation link, etc. A prime location is one of the decisive factors that incredibly escalate the value of a property project. Therefore, location is the very first thing to be examined in this business. 

  • Investment funds

Every property comes in different values depending in its location, size, etc. Investors should, therefore, take all of these features into account in order to build a proper financial plan. Detail calculation for cash outflows is required upon every payment to avoid getting under depression, cash shortage or property sell-off. These consequences are likely to result in financial losses. 


  • Project credibility

It is fair enough to say that owner is the mirror that reflects the credibility of his real estate property. Therefore, when searching for a potential property, prospect buyers need to have a closer look into its owner’s profile which includes crucial information such as his career history, business scale, conducted projects, financial sources, etc. By learning his profile, investors are able to draw a conclusion on the owner’s credibility. In fact, there have been cases in which many real estate projects were in poor condition or even went frozen as a result of their incompetent owners. 

  • Project profitability 

Apart from the common purpose of staying, a property also serves as a tool for investors to amass their assets. Therefore, profitability is a substantial attribute that investors need to examine closely before making a decision. Real estate property is a type of asset that is at a premium, thus, its value tends to increase in the long run. 

For instance, Portugal has registered a continuous growth in its real estate market since 2010. In 2020, Portugal’s real estate market continued to attract investors with a growth rate of 5,9% amid the recession brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. By the first quarter of 2021, the market has broken the record of listing price, as compared with the same period last year, by reaching the point of 88%. With that in mind, should investors have successfully determined which property to buy, they need to act immediately to avoid unexpected price increase. 

Property search

  • Property field inspecting – Property search

Spending a certain amount of time inspecting or even staying in your target property would help you determine its pros and cons whereby you can make the most rational decision on your real estate business. “You need to be dating with this place, then get engaged before marriage.” shared by an investor to those who are contemplating on purchasing a property. Indeed, real life experience would be your most reliable indicator for your life’s biggest deal. 

Property search

  • Current policies operated in your target country – Property search

Since law and tax system vary widely from country to country, investors should be well-informed about legal issues of the property that they want to invest in. Transparent legal records or legally prudent documentation is of great importance for every real estate deal. However, it is highly recommended by experts that investors should be consulted by a local expert who knows the laws of the target country inside out. 

  • Reliable consultation service – Property search

For beginners who are fresh to real estate business, finding a reliable consultant to look to is the optimal solution through which they can curtail risk and save time to a significant extent.

At Portico & Bridge, we have leading specialist expertizing in international real estate – Sir Trafford Busutil. His 35 years’ professional experience and diverse experience living in lots of countries all around the world make him a dependable consultant to your business. Portico & Bridge promises to present to you the most potential projects that are available in the worldwide market. We believe that there is nothing better than being partnered with a European citizen who knows Europe inside out on your investment journey.  Investors would definitely feel more secured during the process. 


Latest updates on potential real estate markets 

Portugal and Malta are considered the most potential real estate markets in Europe, for the time being. Investing in real estate overseas has become more and more popular among Vietnamese investors on account if its profitability and potential growth rate. Therefore, Portico & Bridge, in this post, would like to introduce these two markets to you. 

  • Portugal

Portugal is a Eurozone country member whose property prices have not failed to increase since 2010. Regardless of the many devastating impacts brought by the Covid-19 pandemic which posing financial challenges all around the world, Portugal’s real estate sector is progressing towards the opposite pattern.

According to theportugalnews.com in the first quarter of 2021, the number of properties for sale in Portugal has risen 88% compared with the same period last year. This is such a positive indicator that investing in Portugal’s real estate can be a profitable business just within a short amount of time. Still the situation has not cooled down as Portugal continues to attract lots of investors. 

Besides, Portugal is home to the Golden visa program which enables investors to obtain their permanent residence right by investing in a property there. This investment program, of course, is not just about owning a real estate property, but European citizen benefits for your entire family. 

Requirements of participating in the program via real estate investment:

  • New property: investing at least 500.000 EUR;
  • Property that is more than 30 years old or located in urban regeneration areas: investing at least 350.000 EUR in class – 1 urbans or at least 280.000 EUR in other areas. 


  • Malta

Just like Portugal, Malta is proud to be home to a stable and profitable real estate market. Malta’s real estate market right now appears to be a more rational decision if you are still determining whether which European countries to invest in. 

Following are benefits of investing in Malta’s real estate 

  • Investment income has been proved 
  • No ownership tax and property tax
  • 5%-8% contractor tax on final selling price (no capital gains tax);
  • 5% on stamp duty 
  • 15% on rental income that is not subject to change 
  • No VAT on property transfer.

Malta welcomes foreign investors to invest in and receive European permanent residence status in return. What makes this Malta Permanent Residence Program special is that it allows investment to be payable after investor’s application is approved. This really a favorable treatment as no investment amount is put at risk. 

Methods of investment:

  • Purchasing a property that is at least 300.000 EUR. Make a financial contribution of 28.000 EUR to the Malta’s Government 
  • Rent a property that is at least 10.000 EUR/year and make a financial contribution of 58.000 EUR to the Malta’s Government 

For official information by Malta’s Government about MPRP 2021, click HERE


Benefits of investing in international real estate

  • Diversify and protect your assets;
  • Bring more profits; 
  • Favorable tax policies;
  • Obtain second citizenship.

Property search

CONCLUSION – Property search

The current globalization of real estate has been a source of opportunities for Vietnamese businessmen to expand their business globally. Moreover, by investing overseas, investors stand better chance to enjoy more benefits from their investment. To make safe and excellent investments, what investors really need is a real estate expert who can give them advices. 

Apart from Sir Trafford – our international real estate expert, Portico & Bridge also networks to reputable partners from all over the world. We commit to providing investors with investment projects that are safest, high quality and most profitable. 

To learn more about current international real estate projects, contact us at Portico & Bridge. Our team of over 50 experts worldwide is ready and willing to offer you our best service. 

Call us at 0909.898.758

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children We Care”.


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