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Our Europe-based company provides settlement consulting services with over 35 years of experience and 100% successful applications. Easier settlement with Portico & Bridge. 

Have you ever fancied living in a different country but having troubles with its complicated procedure? Are you looking for a reliable service company that provides professional consultation regarding immigration and settlement to help you out? Then Portico & Bridge can be the best choice for you. Let us tell you why Portico & Bridge will never fail to live up to your trust! 

Settlement consulting services 

ABOUT PORTICO & BRIDGE – Settlement consulting services 

Portico & Bridge started as a small-size company in 1986 with its sole mission being a bridge that brings settlement programs from Europe and other areas worldwide closer to our customers. In 1999, Portico & Bridge went global and has had representative offices all around the world. Following our penetration into the Chinese market in 2008, we have finally established our branch in the country of Vietnam. We are proud to be one of pioneers in introducing European real estate programs as well as leading experts of the field to Asian investors. 

Settlement consulting services 

35 years of experience in settlement consultation

Portico & Bridge is proud to be a service provider with 35 years of experience in the field of immigration and settlement. We managed to survived the Early 2000s Recession and grows stronger everyday while continuously expands our market in the field of settlement globally. Up to now, we have had 7 representative offices all around the world therefore, our customers are not just about the Vietnamese but also those of different nationalities.  

Distinguished core values – Settlement consulting services 

We are completely loyal to our sole mission of bringing our customers unparalleled outcomes that are worth their weight of salt. Our core values are: Reliability, Transparency and Integrity. “Cliché-ridden” branding is not what we perform just to capture your attention but instead we work to truly bring our customers the best service. 

Portico & Bridge’s stable development and credibility are attributed to the real quality of our products and service. In addition, it’s the human factors regarding work ethics and professionalism is our all-time top priority. Thanks to these attributes, Portico & Bridge has successfully made its name in market as well as built customers’ trust. 

portico & Bridge

Professional consulting team

Portico & Bridge has a group of over 50 leading experts on board and seven representative offices in: Malta, Portugal, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Cyprus and Montenegro. What makes our service unique is that our consultants are renown and experienced specialists in the settlement field.

Mr. Trafford Busuttil – Portico & Bridge’s Co – founder and CEO

Portico & Bridge is honoured to be guided by Mr. Trafford Busuttil, who is the CEO as well as Co-founder of Portico & Bridge. Mr. Trafford comes from an infamous family in Malta whose father, Mr. Edwin Busutill, is a leading politician who used to serve the European Commission for 32 years. 

For further information about Mr. Edwin Busuttil, click HERE

Mr. Trafford

Ms.Michaela Millo – Juris Doctor – Senior consultant 

Apart from Mr. Trafford, we are pleased to be supported by one of the most experienced specialists coming from Europe, Dr. Michaela Millo – a doctorate’s degree holder as well as a reputable attorney who receives the AKM certification issued by Malta government with her AKM  license number being AKM-MILLO-21. 

For further information about Dr. Michaela Millo and her AKM license, click HERE 

Settlement consulting services 

100% successful applications at Portico & Bridge 

The very first thing Portico & Bridge would like to bring to our customers is a thorough view over foreign investment opportunities that are currently available. Our immigration attorney team in Malta is approved by the Malta’s government to directly process your application. We are confident in having our professional consultants and experienced staff be your dependable companion throughout the whole journey of  your settlement. Besides, we commit to remaining our work to its utmost quality of consistency and transparence in every stage of the process. 

  • 1.000 + successful cases of settlement by investment programs all around the world 
  • 100% approved applications 
  • 300+ successful applications for Malta Permanent Residence Programme
  • 150+ successful applications for Portugal Permanent Residence Programme

Profound insights into the settlement policies imposed by your target country

Up until now, Portico & Bridge has been working in the fields of immigration and settlement for over 35 years. Our staff includes reputable attorneys and well-informed consultants who always stay on top of every latest settlement policies. We are ready and willing to give you down-to-detailed consultation on your every question regarding settlement. 

In addition, Portico & Bridge conducts seminars and webminars on a regular basis that could be of great help for you to further learn about settlement and any latest settlement policies updated. 

Portico & Bridge

Portico & Bridge – Free consultation for your application 

When choosing our service, Portico & Bridge provides you charge-free consultation and unparalleled benefits as followed: 

Shortening your time spent on choosing settlement program

We will make suggestions on the most proper programs according to customer’s application. 

It is a fact that choosing proper investment programs guarantees a better chance for a successful settlement application. Moreover, with our meticulous consultation, customers can rest assured that your application process would be much quicker and more effective. 

Making you settlement process more cost-saving 

At Portico & Bridge, every stage it takes to process your application is made transparent at the very beginning. Customers are free from worry over issues regarding hidden costs throughout the process. More importantly, we consider success rate as our first priority, which means every suggestion we offer is the most potentially fruitful option we have for our customers. If investors get involved in unreliable projects, there might be a likelihood that taking risk is inevitable and investors are even prone to money loss. Therefore, it goes without saying that to guard investors’ interests is always our chief concern. 

Free settlement application consultation

CONCLUSION – Settlement consulting services 

We believe that “Immigrating to a new country is a journey and we can be your best partner on that journey. Your investment in future and your family’s life means the most to us. European Settlement – Let the European walk this way with you”.

For further information about settlement programs at Portico & Bridge, contact us for down-to-detailed consultation. 

Call us at 0909.898.758

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children, We Care”.


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