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What is MPRP? Malta Permanent Residence Programme is a brand new program which officially came into effective on March. 2021. With many improvements for you to enjoy, this program is a replacement for the former program named Malta Residence Visa Programme.

what is MPRP?

Just 1 application for a four generation family

Comparing to other countries’ settlement by investment programs, Malta’s Permanent Residence programme is noticeably more outstanding. This is, by far, a unique European settlement by investment programme which covers 4 generations of your family in just one application, including: applicant’s parents, applicant’s grandparents, applicant’s spouse, and applicant’s children (must be single and no age limit).

what is MPRP?

So what is MPRP? How to obtain the free pass to Malta settlement for your family of four generations?

To apply for Malta Permanent Residence Programme, investors have to retain an investment within a period of 5 years at minimum and make contribution to Malta government. Specifically, you can choose one out of two following investment options:

  • Purchase a piece of real estate of 300.000 EUR at minimum and make a contribution of 28.000 EUR to the government
  • Rent a piece of real estate of 10.000 EUR per year at minimum and make contribution of 58.000 EUR to the government

For official information about Malta government’ MPRP 2021, click HERE

It is such an economic investment that, with budget of 100.000 EUR at minimum, you can receive a better life in return for you and your whole family. More importantly, all the benefits in terms of medical care, education that your family will hold just as natives in Malta make it a super profitable investment.

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2 outstanding features of MPRP

It is by fact that no investment project is risk-free. Therefore, to choose a reliable and safe investment project is of great concerns by investors.

Malta government has long understood and knows that it is their responsibility stay by investors’ side. That is why Malta Permanent Residence Programme is originated and also serves as the two most outstanding features of the programme.

what is MPRP?

So what are the two features that make MPRP an outstanding programme?

  • First approval, later investment

Malta government has created a stimulating environment for investors as they can make capital injection as soon as their application is approved. This serves as an absolute guarantee for investors and thus, giving them a sense of safety when applying for this type of settlement by investment.

  • Most “economical” investment cost

In comparison with settlement by investment programs by America, Australia, Canada which cost thousands of hundred dollars, what you have to pay to settle in Malta is dramatically much lower. Instead of making a risky investment in risky projects, real estate investment proves to be a safer choice. In order to retain your proprietor status over your property in Malta, investors just need to continue investing in real estate or in government’s convertible bond within a 5 year period. After that, investors are qualified enough to apply for Malta citizenship.

3 special benefits only for Malta’s permanent residents- What is MPRP?

  • Rights to immigrate, live and permanently reside in Mata 

Application for Malta settlement offers investors opportunities to receive permanent residence for members of up to four generations in their family. This makes sure that the whole family can enjoy all the benefits enjoyed by every Maltese citizen.

Malta has an advanced health care system with hospitals that meet every international standard. Citizens are able to receive price support for hospitalization if they have European health insurance card. In addition, Malta owns an education system whose facilities and curriculum apply the UK’s education criteria. Investors’ children will be able to enjoy the best learning environment which is absolutely tuition-free. With that in mind, this could be considered as a rewarding investment you would ever make for your children. Rather than investing for their study abroad purposes, this alternative option brings investors more values of stability and thus increases the investment’s effectiveness.

Malta - Education leading European

  • Free-pass to join Malta’s real estate market 

Malta’s real estate is renown for the ‘enviable’ stability in its growth rate which used to be the world’s fastest growth rate in 2018 as it reached 17% along with the leasing interest of 6-7% on average. Considering these facts, Malta has such an ideal condition for investors to make profit and amass their private assets. Especially, Malta also implements tax-free policies on real estate and inheritance. Therefore, this country, without any doubts, is getting hotter every day towards interested investors from all around the world.

what is MPRP?

  • Visa exemption to lots of countries 

Malta is the one and only country which is a member of four major economic areas, including EU, Schengen Area, The Commonwealth and Eurozone. Therefore, its citizens are able to enjoy rights regarding freedom of movement within member countries. As for visa exemption, there are up to over 186 countries that offer Malta’s citizen free-pass to enter their country, even including The United Kingdom and Canada. Additionally, once obtaining Malta citizenship successfully. Investors are able to enjoy the benefit of working freely in The UK, Germany and Netherland.

BĐS Malta

Malta settlement with Malta citizens 

It’s the attractive benefits for settlement investors that make Malta Permanent Residence Programme such a sought after programme. Portico & Bridge is proud to be your European settlement consultant with the successful application rate being 100% up to now. Last October, we have had another customer who successfully obtained Approval Letter from Residency Malta Agency.

Congratulations to Ms. T’s family on receiving the approval letter from the Maltese government

what is MPRP?

About us, Portico & Bridge has had over 35 years working in the immigration and settlement fields with seven representative offices located worldwide. We have provided services to over 1,000 customers and helped them applied successfully for settlement programs in countries all around the world.

More importantly, we, are the ONLY company in Vietnam which has an immigration expert from the country of Malta. Sir Trafford Busuttil – CEO of Portico & Bridge has had a life-long career in the field of immigration as well as settlement. Apart from that, he also works as an expert in global real estate. Therefore, on evaluating your application, we are confident in providing you the most tailor-made consultation for the best investment projects.

Mr. Trafford

Reliable attorney team 

Portico & Bridge is pleased to be supported by a team of reliable attorneys such as Dr. Micheala Millo, an AKM certified attorney by Residence Malta Agency. Her certification number is AKM-MILLO-21, for your reference. Dr. Michaela Millo will serve as your attorney representing you to work with Residence Malta Agency. She has given consultation to over 200 successful applications for Malta settlement purposes since 2015.

Especially, Sir Trafford’s siblings are reputable attorneys who have had a leading career in Malta. Therefore, Portico & Bridge has profound understanding and study into all the regulations by Residence Malta Agency. Your application for Malta settlement program will be directly processed by our company without any interference from mediators.

Portico & Bridge
Portico & Bridge


Malta Permanent Residence Programme continues to be a hot topic thanks to its super accommodating benefits. Therefore, if you find yourself qualified for the program, investors are encouraged to begin investing as soon as possible. Your early action would definitely bring you more opportunities to success and thus. Extending your time enjoying favorable benefits that the program provides.

For further information about Malta settlement programs, contact Portico & Bridge to receive our down to detailed consultation by over 50 experts from all around the world. We are ready and willing to help you any time.

Call us at 0909.898.758

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children, We Care”.


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