Why should study medicine in Malta? Little known things about a leading medical background

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Malta medicine- The medical and healthcare industry in Malta is ranked among the top countries in the world. The Malta study abroad program for medical and healthcare is currently attracting the interest of a large number of international students. If you or your children are aspiring to become a doctor or simply a globally recognized nurse, this is an option that could not be more affordable.

malta medicine
malta medicine

The world-leading Maltese healthcare system

Malta is considered the country with the leading healthcare service in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) ranking, Malta’s health sector ranks 5th, ahead of both the US and the UK, who are ranked 37th and 18th respectively. This is a wonderful result yet completely understandable, which attests to the renowned quality of Maltese medical care. Numbeo’s recent independent statistics also ranked Malta as the country with the second-highest healthcare in Europe, just behind France.

Currently, in Malta there are 8 major medical centers across the country, including 7 medical centers on the mainland and 1 medical center on the island of Gozo. Public health centers have a full range of specialties, from gynecological clinics, ophthalmology clinics, pediatric clinics, physiotherapy, speech therapy and prenatal and postpartum clinics…

Free healthcare for all Maltese citizens

All public healthcare services available here are free to all citizens of Malta. These fees will be funded by social security contributions so people can save a lot on health care costs.

malta medicine 2
malta medicine 2

Some healthcare and medical services in Malta include:

  • Private hospital: very high-quality medical services, the medical team here all work at large public hospitals.
  • Home doctor service: after 8 pm and use the service in emergencies
  • Consultant doctors: this is a high-class medical service, these consulting doctors are all highly qualified and have long experience. This service is usually in large hospitals or high-end private hospitals.
  • Pharmacies: open during office hours except on Sundays and only doctors and consultants are allowed to prescribe medicine in Malta
  • Emergency: emergency services are free for everyone, including those without insurance.
Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as medical concept

If you are a foreigner coming to live in Malta, you will pay about 10% of your income. If you are a Permanent Resident of Malta, the medical fee you need to pay will be very small. If you are an EU citizen when you come to Malta, you will be completely exempt from the costs of medical care from public hospitals and clinics.

Maltese study abroad program in medical and healthcare industry

The medical and healthcare industry in Malta places high demands on inputs and outputs. Students studying medicine in Malta must always have a high sense of responsibility. It can be said that the government of this country is very interested in investing in the development of the health system. Therefore, human resources in this field will always be a priority enhanced by Malta.

When studying this major in Malta, students will have the opportunity to study in a wonderful international environment, familiarize themselves with modern facilities. Malta is also a proud country for always applying the latest medical advances to its healthcare system.

In addition, because the health sector in particular and the education of Malta generally follow British educational standards, graduates can work in other major hospitals around the world not only in Malta. For example, a medical student graduating from Malta can work in London (UK), or it takes only a few months to switch to work in Sydney (Australia).

Here are some minor majors in the medical and health sector that students can choose from while studying in Malta: nursing, public health, pediatrics, dentistry, pharmacy… Professional knowledge, when studying medicine, international students will also acquire other soft skills such as communication skills, management skills, teamwork skills…

Career opportunities

In recent years, the medical and healthcare industry in Malta has been continuously invested with a lot of resources to develop. The health sector is also an industry that always needs a huge demand for human resources. The Government of Malta is implementing many policies to ensure resources meet the requirements of qualifications, expertise, as well as professional ethics.

Therefore, choosing an institution with highly specialized training as well as ensuring professional qualifications will open up great career opportunities. A Malta study abroad degree in medicine and health is the best preparation for you or your children to confidently enter a professional working environment. After graduation, students will become specialists, nurses, …

Currently, due to the increasing number of people coming to live in Malta, the number of people needing medical care is also rising, so there is a great need for human resources in the healthcare industry. The Maltese government is currently giving a lot of attention to international students to supplement high-quality labor resources. Graduates will be able to stay in Malta and have many job opportunities right here in Malta. Students are also fully capable of applying for permanent residence to enjoy the best policies from the Maltese government.

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