Investment Immigration Program



Immigrating to Canada under the Start-up Visa (Start-up Visa) is the only Federal immigration investment program currently allowing applicants and their families to receive permanent residency (PR) immediately upon arrival in Canada, with a fast processing time of 12 to 18 months.

The Startup Entrepreneur Program (SUV) allows a group of up to 5 applicants to jointly develop an innovative idea and realize it through the establishment of a business in Canada. At the same time, there will be an Angel Investor in Canada participating in the project and committing to contribute $75,000 CAD to support and jointly develop the project at the request of the Government.

The SUV program is designed to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world with new and groundbreaking business ideas to invest in Canada to create jobs for local people (or permanent residents) and balance the global economic scales.


75.000 CAD

Processing Time

12 - 18 months

Dependent Individual

Spouse, children under 22 years old that are single

Type of Investment

3 ways to participate in the program:
-Venture Capital: Committed to invest 200,000 CAD in the project
-Angel Investor: Commit to invest 75,000 CAD in the project
-Business Incubator: No commitment on capital investment in the project

Visa-free Travel

USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, European Union countries, Mexico, Taiwan, Switzerland, Norway, Brunei, etc.

Naturalization Time

After fulfilling the conditions of the Government


Located in North America, with its territory stretching from west to east, Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories, including famous major cities such as Vancouver, Victoria (British Columbia), Toronto, Ottawa (Ontario), Montreal (Quebec),...

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, with a very high Human Development Index (HDI): 0.929 (2019).

Canada is also a member of many international organizations such as NATO, G8, G20, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

Canada - A country with a developed economy, stable politics and society, and diverse culture. Besides, the quality of education and healthcare system of Canada are also highly rated, so nowadays, Canada is becoming an ideal destination for the path of many investors and entrepreneurs around the world.





English, French




Canadian Dollar (CAD)


9.984.670 km2



Permanent residency for the whole family

- Get permanent residency for the whole family
- Allows applicants and their families to live, study and work in all major cities (*except Quebec province).

Educational environment for children

- Children can study for free from grade 1 to 12.
- Freedom to live, study and work in Canada

Expanding international investment

- Get citizenship after fulfilling the conditions of the Government


Age Requirement
From 20 to 65 years old
Minimum assets
750.000 CAD
Work experience
Have at least 3 years of experience in investment or business management
English: CLB 5
Have an innovative, creative business idea that contributes to the Canadian economy, get approved by an Investment Fund and contribute capital to establish a company in Canada to realize this business idea (in the process of Building a business idea and business plan, Portico & Bridge and its partners in Canada are committed to supporting and accompanying you to ensure the highest possibility of the Investment Fund's approval.
Investment and business management experience (*)
(*) Optional factors, if any, will be a plus point for the application


To be eligible to participate in the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program (SUV), investors make an investment with the costs below. Details are as follows:

Business Investment

Service charge

  • Service charge
  • Attorney Fees

Investment fee

  • Investment
  • Other costs


  • Total cost Contact

Note: The above costs are for reference only as Government charges may change from time to time and depend on the number of dependents accompanying, age, insurance company, selected hospital. …

‘(*) Estimated costs for the third party include but are not limited to fees such as fees for copying, translation, notarization of translation,…


Stage 1
Reviewing and appraising investors' dossiers
Stage 2
Setting up a Startup project
Stage 3
The client participates in the lawyer's startup training course with the support from the Legal Specialist of Portico and Bridge.
Stage 4
Present a business plan to the Investment Fund and receive a Letter of Support
Stage 5
Complete your application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
Stage 6
Receive Notice of Medical Examination and Letter of Consent
Stage 7
Go to Canada and get a Permanent Resident Card


After obtaining citizenship