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 25 - 11 - 2021


Buy a house in Malta – not only about owning a property in Europe, but permanent residence permit and attractive benefits your entire family.

  Buy a house in Malta

Malta’s real estate 

The Maltese Government imposes no property tax. This favorable policy serves as a catalyst for Malta to be in the spotlight as it welcomes lots of investors to move in and purchase property for their own. 

Malta real estate market is renowned for its “enviable” growth rate as well. According to the house price index by Knight Frank, in the second quarter of 2018, Malta real estate prices registered the highest increase all over the world. This growth rate, later on, even reached 17% while the rental interest rate varied averagely from 6% to 7%. Malta promises to provide you investments projects that are of great profitability just within a short amount of time. Therefore, there is no wonder why Malta’s real estate market is getting hotter every day. 


House prices in Malta

According to a report by, purchase and rental prices in Malta’s major cities early 2020 are as follow: 

Monthly rental price Malta  Gozo Valletta Sliema
1 bedroom apartment – at city centers 857,50 € 470,00 € 950,00 € 906,19 €
1 bedroom apartment – at suburbs  683,96 € 407,14 € 738,01€ 737,50 €
3 bedroom apartment – at city centers 1.519,52 € 766,67 € 1.833,33 € 1.723,81 €
3 bedroom apartment – at suburbs 1.128,85 € 633,33 € 1.304,17 € 1.21,43 €
Purchase prices Malta Gozo Valletta Sliema
Price per square meter – at city centers 3.273,63 € 1.500,00 € 4.050,00 € 5.333,33 €
Price per square meter – at suburbs 2.053,62 € 1.050,00 € 1.950,00 € 3.100,00 €


Buy a house in Malta – get European permanent residence permit 

Malta is also one of the European countries providing non-EU citizens opportunities to invest in European real estate and receive permanent residence status in exchange. Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) has gone effective since March 2021. This program is introduced as the replacement for Malta Residence Visa Programme (MRVP) with latest improvements. 

Malta Permanent Residence Programme, as opposed to those conducted by other countries, has outstanding features. This is the only settlement by investment program in Europe that enables four generations in family to be included in an application, including: grandparents, parents, applicant, spouse, and children (at any age but must be single) 


Requirements to participate in MPRP:

Investors must get involved in an investment in real estate property and government financial contribution within a minimum period of 5 years. 

  • Purchase a property that is at least €300.000 and make a financial contribution of €28.000 to the government  
  • Rent a property that is at least €10.000/year and  make a financial contribution of €58.000 to the government 

Buy a house in Malta

2 outstanding features of the MPRP

  • Most “economical” investment funds 

In comparison with settlement by investment programs by countries such as America, Australia, and Canada, MPRP turns out to be more cost-saving yet considerably safer. Instead of high-risk projects, investors can opt for real estate  projects in Malta. This project, with a minimum amount of €300.000, will in turn, provide you the Malta permanent residence permit.  

  • Approval first before any amount is payable 

Malta Government implements favorable treatments for foreign investors when investing in its real estate. Specifically, any investment amount is only payable when investor’s application is approved. This would definitely give investors a sense of safety as they do not have to risk their money into an investment which has not been successfully approved. 


Buy a house in Malta with Portico & Bridge 

To determine whether the property that you want to invest in is the best one for you is not an easy task, especially, it’s an overseas property. Plus, the Covid-19 pandemic results in travel restrictions which considerably hinders investors to conduct field inspection on their target property.  

Considering these difficulties, there is nothing better than having a Maltese expert to be your partner in your real estate business in Malta. A Maltese expert will serve as not only your real estate consultant, but a local friend from whom you will receive valuable and advices about every aspect of a life in Malta. 


“Reside in Malta with a Maltese” 

Portico & Bridge is proud to be guided by Sir Trafford Busuttil – our CEO – the ONLY Maltese citizen staying Vietnam for the time being. Sir Trafford is an experienced expert who has had over 35 years working in the fields of international real estate, immigration and settlement. Basing on your application, Portico & Bridge will provide tailor-made consultation service whereby we bring our customers investment projects that are safest, high quality and most profitable. 

Mr Trafford

Apart from sir Trafford, we also have a team of reputable lawyers on board, including Dr. Michaela Millo. Dr. Michaela is certified by Residence Malta Agency with the AKM license whose number is AKM-MILLO-21. Regarding her experience in the field, Dr. Michaela has supported over 200 successfully cases since 2015. Dr. Michaela will be your lawyer representing you to work with the Residence Malta Agency in Malta.


For further information about Sir Trafford, he comes from an infamous Maltese family and his siblings are reliable lawyers who are operating law firms in the Malta. Therefore, considering our CEO’s network and background, Portico & Bridge’s customers can rest assured that we know inside out all the current policies implemented by Malta Residence Agency. Your application will be directly processed by our company, with no intermediary party. 

Buy a house in Malta

Conclusion – Buy a house in Malta

Malta’s real estate market is a potential and outstanding market compared to that of other European countries, as evaluated by experts. Moreover, it is not just about owning a property, you are even entitled to Europe residence rights and attractive benefits. Therefore, Malta’s real estate is extremely sought after and has not registered any fall in its popularity.

Considering the situation, investors, after having successfully chosen a project that is best for you, should act right away. The sooner you get your investment started, the more benefits you will have and the higher successful rate you will gain. Even your entire family will also be benefitted from your early investment, super attractive benefits that would exclusively effective for EU citizens are waiting for you. 

To learn more about potential projects in Malta, contact us, Portico & Bridge right away. Our team of over 50 experts from all over the world is ready and willing to offer you our best service.

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