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 27 - 08 - 2021

How to settle in Canada – Ways to immigrate easily?

As a country with the top 10 economies in the world, Canada is one of the countries that are developing constantly. Life in Canada is extremely comfortable and modern with a well-developed education, modern health care and a pleasant climate. Therefore, now there are many investors interested in how to settle in Canada to develop in this country.

How to settle in Canada - Ways to immigrate easily?

  1. Benefits when settling in Canada

When settling in Canada, investors will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be granted Permanent Residency (PR) for the whole family.
  • Have the right to apply for Canadian citizenship and keep dual citizenship;
  • Be able to live in any province of Canada.
  • You can start your own company or start a business.
  • Have the opportunity to work at any company in Canada (many jobs only accept Green card holders or Canadian citizens).
  • Universal Health Care: Most of the medical expenses of Permanent Residents will be covered by the Government, including emergency expenses, immunizations, regular medical check-up periods…
  • Children of Permanent Residents can study for free from primary to high school, and will pay university and graduate tuition fees equivalent to Canadian citizens (about 1/3 of that of international students) and can apply for a scholarship to study funding from the Government.
  • Retirement social security benefits (if working and fulfilling tax obligations with the Government of Canada).
  • Get tax benefits for children (Canada Child Tax Benefits): Families with low-income children under 18 will receive tax support from the Canadian Government to cover their monthly expenses.
  • Be able to own real estate or any property that a Canadian citizen has a right to own.
  • Unlimited entry and exit to Canada and no visa required.

Benefits when settling in Canada

  1. How to settle in Canada – Conditions to settle in Canada

The way to immigrate to Canada is not many procedures, investors only need to meet the conditions to apply for Canadian citizenship such as:

  • Have lived in Canada for at least three years (or at least 1,095 days) in the past five years prior to applying;
  • Be able to speak one or both of Canada’s official languages ​​(English or French) well enough to communicate in Canadian society;
  • No criminal history that would be considered prohibiting Canadian citizenship;
  • Pass a test to demonstrate that they are aware of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and have a basic knowledge of Canada’s geography, political system, and history.

How to settle in Canada - Conditions to settle in Canada

  1. How to settle in Canada easily? – Canadian immigration programs

Currently, when learning how to immigrate to Canada, there are many Canadian immigration investment programs, which can be mentioned as the Quebec skilled immigration program, the British Columbia settlement program, the Manitoba skilled immigration program, especially the Canada Start-Up Visa immigration program – this is the hottest program today.

The Start-up Visa Program is the official Federal immigration investment program of the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) with the fastest processing time available today. Unlike other immigration programs in the world, Start-up Visa skips the step of issuing a “temporary” or “conditional” visa/residence permit. Approved candidates will have full rights to settle in Canada as a Permanent Residents and have the opportunity to apply for citizenship later and still retain Vietnamese citizenship.

Conditions for joining Canada Start-Up Visa:

  • Financially sufficient to meet the needs of living in Canada in the first 1 year;
  • Program strengths.
  • No financial proof is required.
  • No business experience required.
  • Quick application processing time (16-24 months).
  • Working-age: 21-59 years old.
  • Graduated with a minimum of College.
  • The minimum level of English/French at CLB 5 (~ IELTS 5.0).
  • Clean judicial record and good health.
  • The total cost for the Canadian immigration program for the whole family ranges from 4.6 billion to 5 billion.

  1. Conclusion

Now it’s easier than ever to immigrate to Canada. The Start-Up Visa program is one of the simplest ways to settle in Canada for investors who want to live and give their children a better life in this country.

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