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 25 - 11 - 2021


Malta traffic spread across the country will provide a great experience for investors. In Malta, you can have breakfast at Valletta, lunch at Rabat and enjoy a romantic dinner at Marsaxlokk thanks to the speed and convenience of the modern transportation system. In recent years, Malta has had policies to improve the road system. Since then, this country has risen to the leading position in terms of public transport and services.

When coming to Malta, investors need to learn about public transport to easily move and get used to driving in this island nation as well.

Malta traffic


Bus fare in Malta is about 2 EUR/person and 3 EUR/person for the night route. In addition, there are 15 EUR/12 for family use. There is also a 7-day pass for 21 EUR/adult and 15 EUR/child. The ticket is made of extremely high quality and beautiful hard card. You can keep it as a memento of life in this new country.

Transport in Malta is convenient with ticket purchase locations in each region, but this is usually in bookstores or grocery stores. However, all supermarkets and shops here close before 7pm, then you can buy at the ticket vending machine located at the bus station operating 24/24.

The bus here usually takes about half an hour to have a trip, so you should remember to note the departure and return times, the evening bus usually ends very early, 22:30 is the last one.



Taxis are often the most convenient means of transportation anywhere. If you go with a lot of people or don’t worry about spending money, then a taxi is a pretty reasonable option. You can download the Ecab app to book a driver to pick you up like Grab in Vietnam. Prices range from 4-10 EUR/km and of course depend on the distance traveled and location. In particular, the driver is very polite, wearing a uniform and speaking English. Although taking a taxi is very convenient, getting used to other public transport will help you save more if your family lives and works here for a long time.


Vessels for the Maltese transport system

Boats to Comino fare about 13 EUR/way to and back. From the pier to Cirkewwa, the last trip to the island starts from 9:10 am to 3:40 pm. From reverse return from 9:30 to 18:00 daily.

The boat going to Gozo is big and beautiful. When you go you don’t have to buy a ticket, when you come back, buy a ticket for 4 EUR/person. And the best thing is to sit on the boat and watch Gozo Island at sunset. When the coastal city lights up against the sunset sky, a romantic and wonderful scene.

Malta traffic

More information about Malta traffic

The Government of Malta has officially announced the free of all public transport. This decision will begin for all residents of Malta and Gozo as of October 2022.

This decision will help employees save up to 300 EUR/year, which makes Malta become the second country in the European Union (after Luxembourg) to offer free public transport to its citizens.

At the same time, Malta encourages people to switch from internal combustion engine vehicles to green options with the policy:

  • Anyone buying a new electric or Plug-in-hybrid vehicle will benefit from the Government subsidy package which are increased from 8,000 EUR to 11,000 EUR.
  • Elimination of electric vehicle registration tax and exemption of road license fees for a period of 5 years from the first registration.

Minibus, coach and van owners can also benefit from a new plan. Plans to reduce emissions with the introduction of diesel filters. The government has also pledged to assist businesses in converting their fleets to new electric vehicles.


CONCLUSION – Malta traffic

Great things from the traffic that make a perfect Malta. Peaceful and interesting Malta is worth choosing as a settlement destination for our investors. In addition, Malta also implements preferential policies on social welfare, healthcare as well as education.

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