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 27 - 08 - 2021

Safe and fast ways to settle in Australia with Portico & Bridge

Ways to settle in Australia – Australian settlement is considered the dream of many people to build a quality life. Australian settlement policy always creates favorable conditions for foreigners to work and live. Besides, the quality of life in Australia ranks first in the world, making it the most livable place.

Safe and fast ways to settle in Australia with Portico & Bridge

Benefits of settling in Australia

Australia is a country famous for its developed economy, quality education, and top living conditions. This is an extremely ideal country for settlement and business development with preferential welfare policies for foreign investors.

Benefits of settling in Australia

  • Freedom to invest in business

Becoming an Australian citizen offers many business advantages for investors. Traveling between countries and Australia is much more convenient with permanent residency (PR). Besides, investors can also expand the way to export goods. Above all, investors are free to legally establish businesses in Australia.

In addition, when granted a PR visa, investors can receive some financial incentives from the government when taking a bank loan to buy a house or investors also have the right to buy real estate in Australia. The Australian Government is now constantly promoting residential and urban development.

  • Advanced medical

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Here, the health sector is always funded by the Government with preferential policies. In addition, there are two health benefits packages Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits. These packages will be free of charge for medical examination and treatment costs as well as drug costs.

  • Top education

The Australian education system is extremely developed with more than 1000 training schools and courses offering diverse study options. The Australian education system is currently ranked in the top 10 best countries in the world. Students will be equipped with useful knowledge according to quality teaching methods.

Moreover, settling in Australia is an effective way for children to access an advanced education in addition to internationally recognized qualifications and preferential tuition fees for Australian citizens.

Top education when settle in Australia

  • Outstanding social security policy

The Australian government develops social security policies full of top benefits. Rights such as unemployment benefits, student benefits, health care packages, birth benefits, … all apply to both natives and immigrants.

Safe and fast ways to settle in Australia

With the aim of maintaining economic growth, the Australian government continuously implements policies to attract immigrants. Investors living in Australia through skilled immigration programs or investment and business programs.

Safe and fast ways to settle in Australia

Conditions for settling in Australia

Australian settlement is an open opportunity for investors to have a good life. To be able to be settled and naturalized in this country, the Australian Government stipulates settlement conditions must meet:

– Under 55 years old

– Minimum stay period of 5 years

– Clean judicial record.

– Minimum assets from 1,250,000 AUD.

– Score 65 on the Australian Government’s migration scale.

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Roadmap of the Australian immigration 

Roadmap of the Australian immigration 

Through ways to settle in Australia, qualified investors will receive permanent residency. In addition to being legally settled and receiving full benefits, investors need to follow the roadmap:

– Review and prepare documents

– Submit an application for Bang guarantee

– Apply for Visa after receiving State Guarantee

– Health check & judicial record application in Vietnam

– Granted a Visa

– Submit the application for permanent residence (PR) after meeting the conditions

– Go to Australia to invest in the business and fulfill commitments

Australian Immigration Program – Visa 188

 Visa 188 program has 3 investment forms, including:

– Business Innovation Program – Visa 188A

– Investment Program – Visa 188B

– Significant Investor Program – Visa 188C

Business Innovation Program – Visa 188A

Visa 188A is for investors with business ability. Entrepreneurs who want to establish and develop a business in Australia will be suitable for this stream.

– 2 of the last 4 years of owning a business must ensure annual tax returns from 750,000 AUD.

– In addition, investors can accumulate 1 or 2 companies.

– Minimum duration of a temporary visa is 5 years.

– Total assets and equity in the business (at the time of visa application) is AUD 1.25 million.

Australian Immigration by Investment Program – Visa 188B

Subclass 188B investments must be legally purchased and be transferable to Australia within 2 years of the visa being granted. Those investments include:

– At least AUD 500,000 in venture capital/private equity fund

– At least AUD 750,000 in approved managed funds (this fund invests in growing businesses)

– At least AUD 1.25 million invest in bonds, stocks.

– Minimum duration of a temporary residence visa is 5 years.

– Minimum total assets for 2 years from 2.5 million AUD.

Australian immigration by Significant Investor Program – Visa 188C

Visa 188C is for investors investing in Government Designated Funds. The investment level in Visa 188C is 5 million AUD. However, the ratio of capital invested in projects will have

– Investment capital in venture capital/private equity fund is 20% (AUD 1 million).

– Investment capital in growing businesses is 30% (AUD 1.5 million)

– 50% (AUD 2.5 million) of the remaining investment capital will be invested in stocks, bonds,…

– Minimum duration of a temporary visa is 5 years.


With many advantages in economy, education and welfare policies, Australia deserves to be a country worth living in. Learn how to settle in Australia is an opportunity for investors to give their children a bright future and the top quality of life for the whole family.

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