EU Immigration

 27 - 08 - 2021


Portico & Bridge is Europe’s leading migration group, possessing many years of experience in the field of European immigration. When choosing to settle down with Portico & Bridge the investors will have a huge advantage from us.

Starting from a small business in 1986, Portico & Bridge is a bridge to help local investors have the opportunity to access real estate in Europe and many other parts of the world. Portico & Bridge is proud to be one of the first European companies to bring European products and real estate experts to Vietnamese investors.


Settlement is always an extremely important decision, for investors and for the whole family. When deciding to settle in Europe with Portico & Bridge, investors will enjoy many benefits that few other settlement units may have.

Settle in Europe with Europeans

Portico & Bridge is proud to have Mr. Trafford Busuttil – CEO & Co-founder of Portico & Bridge. Mr. Trafford comes from a prominent family in Malta. The Father of Mr. Trafford Busuttil is Mr. Edwin Busuttil – One of the leading Maltese politicians who has worked for the European Commission for over 32 years. Information about Mr. Edwin Busuttil, investors can read more here

Currently, Mr. Trafford is the only Maltese investor, advisor and immigration expert in Vietnam. With over 35 years of experience in international real estate, Mr. Trafford Busutil used to hold many important roles in Malta such as:

  • Former President of Malta Real Estate Association;
  • Formerly a member of the Malta Construction Advisory Council;
  • Served as President of the Real Estate Division of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Regularly speaking on prestigious international real estate forums;
  • Once interviewed for The Guardian, Financial Times…;

Mr. Trafford has a deep understanding of Asian markets. Thanks to his long working experience, he has a wide network of relationships, from leading immigration experts, a team of reputable lawyers, and high-ranking officials in host countries. Therefore, investors are completely assured when choosing to settle down with Portico & Bridge.

Deeply understand the immigration policy of the host country

Thanks to the long history of establishment and development, Portico & Bridge does business and understands the markets of many countries. Portico & Bridge has a team of reputable experts who regularly update the latest settlement policies. Our team of experts is always ready to answer all your immigration questions.

In addition, Portico & Bridge regularly organizes periodic seminars/webinars, thereby helping you better understand the settlement path and the most recently updated settlement policies.

See more about Portico & Bridge webinars here

There is a lawyer to consult directly

Unlike many other agencies that have outsourced lawyers, Portico & Bridge has a team of leading lawyers, ready to answer all your questions.

Dr. Michaela Millo

Regarding Malta immigration, Portico & Bridge is proud to have support from Dr. Michaela Millo. Dr. Michaela Millo has been granted an AKM license by the Residency Malta Agency with the licensed number AKM-MILLO-21 – allowing her to be Attorney representing you at the Residency Malta Agency – a mandatory condition when you submit an application for Citizenship or Permanent Residence to the Residency Malta Agency (RMA).

Dr. Michaela Millo has supported more than 200 Vietnamese and Chinese investors to successfully settle in Malta since 2015 until now. The high concentration in work and inherent experience have made the name of Dr. Michaela Millo.

High success rate

With a team of experts with more than 35 years of experience and their efforts, Portico and Bridge has accompanied and supported:

  • 1000+ successful clients
  • 300+ applications for permanent residency in Malta
  • 150+ applications for permanent residency in Portugal
  • The success rate of Vietnamese investors is currently 100%

Portico & Bridge believes that moving to a new country is a journey and we are the best partner to make that journey with our investors. Investing in your future life and your family means a lot to us. “European immigration – ​​Let Europeans accompany you”

At PORTICO & BRIDGE, “Your Children, We Care”.