Starting from a small business in 1986, Portico & Bridge is a bridge to help local investors have the opportunity to access real estate in Europe and many other parts of the world. Our company started going internationally in 1999, and entered the Chinese market in 2008, before we came to Vietnam. We were among the first European companies to bring European products and real estate professionals to Asian investors.


Over the years, through the efforts of all employees and the trust of customers, Portico & Bridge has achieved excellence in quality and service. Our motto is “Trust – Transparency – Integrity”. We are always committed to the best quality and service, thanks to a team of more than 50 leading experts with representative offices in 7 countries: Malta, Portugal, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Cyprus, and Montenegro. Portico & Bridge has been helping more than 1,000 successful immigration applications. Currently, the successful application rate in Vietnam is 100%.


At Portico & Bridge, we believe “Your Children, We Care”. We always want your children to enjoy the best education, for the most comprehensive development. It is your precious inheritance for your children that no money can match.

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Portico & Bridge is proud to be a leading European investment and settlement solution provider, from Malta with more than 35 years of industry experience and 7 representative offices worldwide including: Malta, Portugal, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Cyprus, Montenegro.

AKM license number: AKM-MILLO-21

Portico & Bridge 's core value


Portico & Bridge is proud and committed to always be with you on your journey to settlement, as well as helping your children receive the best education in the world.

Portico & Bridge – The leading settlement consultant from Europe, will be the place to help you realize your dream of settling down for you and your family. At Portico & Bridge, “Your Children, We Care”.


Mr. Trafford Busuttil

Co-founder and CEO Portico & Bridge

Mr. Trafford Busuttil was born and raised in the island nation of Malta, lived and did business in many European countries such as Portugal, Cyprus, China, Singapore, currently holds the citizenship of Malta, PR Portugal, PR Singapore.

He started his passion for entrepreneurship at the age of 17 in Malta, and over the past 40 years he has expanded his business career to: Portugal, Singapore, China, Cyprus and Vietnam in the field of investment, real estate business and immigration.

He plays an important role in many large organizations and associations such as:

  • The Federation of Estates Malta | Co-Founder & President (2007 – 2013)
  • The Real Estate Section of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Industry | Chairperson

and was interviewed by many major newspapers such as The Guardian,  The Financial Time…

Dr. Graham Busuttil

Co-founder and Lawyer Portico and Bridge

Doctor – Attorney Graham Busuttil – Co-founder of Portico & Bridge with nearly 40 years of experience as a lawyer and legal consultant for individuals and clients from many countries around the world, especially with programs Malta immigration investment. He currently manages and operates an immigration law firm in Malta.

He holds the position of President, Director and senior advisor for many associations and organizations in Malta such as:

  • Senior Specialist of the European Immigration Program and the Malta Visa and Permanent Residency Program.
  • Former Vice President of Wasteserv – Malta
  • Former Vice President of UNESCO Global Geoparks in Malta


In Vietnam market, Portico & Bridge has successfully supported clients participating in immigration programs in Malta, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, etc. with 100% success rate.

With our experience and efforts, throughout the process of building the company and supporting customers, Mr. Trafford Busuttil and Mr. Graham Busuttil and their staff have accompanied and supported:

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Successful customers of investment programs around the world
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Successful Maltese Permanent Residence
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Successful Portuguese permanent residency application


Mr. M & Gia đình

Thư chấp thuận của Cục di trú Malta

Mr. M & Gia đình

Thư chấp thuận của Cục di trú Malta

Mr. M & Gia đình

Thư chấp thuận của Cục di trú Malta

Mr. M & Gia đình

Thư chấp thuận của Cục di trú Malta

Mr. M & Gia đình

Thư chấp thuận của Cục di trú Malta


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