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 14 - 01 - 2022

Settled in Malta for 4 generations – Become a EU citizen for whole family

For many people, Europe is considered an extremely attractive and unmissable settlement destination. . Especially Malta – the island country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea has made great progress. Life here is very beautiful, peaceful and comfortable.nature Beautiful Malta, great social security life. Settled in Malta for 4 generations of families is increasingly interested.

Settled in Malta for 4 generations - Become a EU citizen for whole family

Benefits of settled in Malta for 4 generations 

Malta has a highly developed economy. The Government of Malta prioritizes and always puts the interests of its citizens first. This place offers excellent social security policies. Above all, Malta also offers special preferential policies for foreign investors.

Settled in Malta for 4 generations

Freedom to travel and work

When becoming a citizen of the Republic of Malta, investors will be exempted from visa to more than 180 countries. In addition, investors are free to move to the United Kingdom, the EU and the United States. In addition, when becoming a citizen of this country, investors can freely work in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

Besides, investors can enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen area. In particular, the program allows permanent residency for both family of 4 generations.

Benefits of settled in Malta for 4 generations

Education leading European

Kblue cardhi Malta property, investors have children in school age are receiving education in the UK standards. Free and varied learning materials. Public education from preschool to high school, free shuttle service.

At the same time, higher education in Malta achieves a rate of 96.9% of students having a job after graduation. Investors and families will easily integrate into the living environment because Malta is an English-speaking country.

Malta - Education leading European

Unsurpassed Medical Quality

The Public Hospital in Malta is large and clean, meeting international hospital standards. The system of facilities, medical services and health care are top-notch. The criteria of public hospitals here are to bring comfort to patients when being treated. Malta deserves the 5th ranked medical position in the world.

Healthcare services in Malta are free for the insured. Private health insurance in Malta is also extremely cheap. So citizens can buy public and private insurance to avoid queues at hospitals.

Malta with unsurpassed Medical Quality

Reasonable of CostLiving

The cost of daily living in Malta is relatively affordable compared to most Western countries. Food is very affordable and public transport is also relatively cheap.

Although eating out can be quite expensive, prices are still lower than in other major European cities. However, phone and internet charges in Malta are extremely reasonable. Apartments for rent in Malta are easy to find and plentiful. The cost of renting or buying a house is quite cheap compared to most developed countries.

Settled in Malta for 4 generations program 

Cincenseprogram Malta’s resident for four generations of a family with a cost-effective investment. The program with absolute safety because the immigration file is approved, the investor will make the investment. The whole family of 4 generations: spouse, children, parents, grandparents (of both husband and wife) can be granted the same visa.


  • Investor must be 18 years or older
  • With a clean record
  • Meet the investment requirements with a budget to participate in the program, invest from 500,000 EUR of which a minimum of 150,000 EUR is the main asset. Investors need to invest at least 5 years in real estate and contribute to the Government.

Invest for a minimum of 5 years in real estate and contribute to the Government, specifically:

  • Buy real estate EUR 300,000 in South Malta/Gozo area or EUR 350,000 in the rest areas and contribute28,000 to the Government EUR or,
  • Rent real estate from EUR 10,000/year in South Malta/Gozo area or EUR 12,000 in the rest areas and contribute58,000 to the Government EUR.

Settled in Malta for 4 generations with Portico & Bridge

In addition, at Portico & Bridge, we have direct support from Dr. Michaela Millo LL.B (Hons), M.Adv (Melit.) She is also a Doctor of Law licensed by the Malta Immigration Service (Residency). Malta Agency) issues an AKM license with the number AKM-MILLOact-21 – allowing her toas an Attorney to represent you before the Immigration Authority.

Investors can learn about the Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP) HERE

Malta Immigration Conditions

Malta Investmentinvestment is an open opportunity for investors to have a good life. To be able to settle and naturalize in this country, the Government of Malta stipulates settlement conditions that must be met:

  • Citizens not belonging to the European Union or the European Economic Area.
  • Full 18 years or older, clean criminal record.
  • Valid and valid passport.
  • Meet investment requirements with a minimum investment budget of150,000 EUR as the main asset.
  • Investors need to invest at least 5 years in real estate and contribute to the Government;
  • After the 5th year, the investor must have a mandatory residential address.

Investors can refer HERE


Malta is an attractive and ideal settlement destination for investors. Malta has become the perfect settlement choice for families from all over the world. In addition, Malta also implements preferential policies on welfare as well as health and education. Conditions for settled in Malta for 4 generations have also become faster and more convenient with Portico & Bridge.

Portico & Bridge is a leading European immigration and settlement consulting group, with more than 35 years of experience and a team of more than 50 reputable professionals worldwide. For more information about the Malta Permanent Residency program, please contact Portico & Bridge for detailed support.

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